Navratri Health Tips 2020: Keep these five tips in mind during Navratri, your weight will be reduced drastically.

Navratri Health Tips 2020: Keep these five tips in mind during Navratri, your weight will be reduced drastically.

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Navratri Health Tips 2020: The holy festival of Navratri has begun. During this time, devotees of Mata keep fast for the whole nine days to please them. If you too have kept this Navratri fast but are upset with your increasing weight, then these 5 amazing tips can help you. People who fast during Navratri take great care of their food and drink. The best thing is that during this time, eating outside things is also avoided. Which works to increase our weight in the remaining days. Consuming healthy things during the fast will not only make your immunity good but also make you feel weak. Also, your weight will also be reduced very easily. So, what is the delay, let us know how you can reduce your increasing weight during Navratri fast.

Keep your breakfast like this during the fast
During the fast, eat soaked dry fruits at night in your breakfast. Apart from this, you can also consume apple and milk in addition to dry fruit in the morning diet. By doing this you will not feel hungry for a long time and you will avoid overeating. Which will keep your weight control.

During lunch, you can eat buttermilk, lemonade, green tea, lassi or coconut water to detox your body before lunch. By doing this you will feel fresh and your weight will not increase. Eat more and more vegetables during lunch. Along with vegetables, try to consume curd-soap, kuttu puri and chaat instead of kuttu roti. Do have a cup of green tea after lunch.

Evening breakfast should be something like-
During the fast, you should eat roasted peanuts, walnuts, makhana and raisins in the evening breakfast. Avoid consuming packaged snacks in the market. The fat present in these works to increase your weight.

During Navratri, try to eat fried food instead of fried food. At night one can consume yogurt with boiled sweet potato. Try to boil vegetables and eat them.

During fasting, you can do activities such as aerobics exercises, brisk walking, swimming or cycling in morning workouts. Doing aerobic exercise increases the heart rate, which helps in burning calories.

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