Navratri Fasting: Singhade flour is full of antiinflammatory properties, will keep you healthy in the fast

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Water chestnut flour Navratri fast is a nutritious and gluten free food to eat. If you have fasted on Navratri to maintain your increased weight and fitness due to lockdown then you should give preference to water chestnut flour and water nut seeds in your diet instead of eating poultry flour and sago.

-Singhara is a completely gluten free diet. Which works to control the increasing weight and nourish the body from inside. Singhada is a food produced in water, hence it acts to keep the body hydrated.

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– Food is not eaten during the fast, due to which there is less thirst and most people do not take sufficient amount of water. This causes dry or dehydration problem in the body. People who use water chestnut flour, water chestnut kernel or raw water chestnuts do not face any lack of water in the body.

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These people must eat
– People who fast on Navratri are troubled by problems of thyroid, constipation, insomnia, jaundice or dehydration. But do not want to leave the fast of Navratri, they must include the food items made of Singhara and Singhada flour in their fruit.

-Singhara has high amount of water and fiber. For this reason, it will help in cleansing your digestive system and will get rid of constipation.


Benefits of eating water chestnut during the fast

Like rock salt and pink salt, water chestnut is the natural source of psydium. For this reason, people who consume water chestnut regularly do not have throat related diseases. Especially thyroid disease caused by sodium deficiency is always far away from them.

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Water chestnut will keep slim in the fast
-If you are doing Navaratri fast to control your increasing weight, then you should eat water chestnut flour, water chestnut and raw water chestnut.

-Singhara is very high in calcium, protein and fiber. All these work to make your body strong from inside. With this, you do not experience weakness due to staying fast during fast.

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Drinking water after eating water chestnut can cause cough

Keep these things in mind
There are some rules for eating every meal. So that your body gets its full benefits. The same applies to water chestnut. Water should not be drunk immediately after eating water chestnut. Otherwise you may cough. You can consume water after at least 20 minutes.

– It should be requested from over eating at the time of Singhada. Otherwise you may have stomach problems. Especially the problem of abdominal pain may be encountered. The amount of phlegm in the body may increase.

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