Navratri fasting food: If you want to avoid stomach heat, then make fast food like this in Navratri

Most people use Kuttu flour or water chestnut flour during a time of fasting during Navratri. In addition, sago khichdi and tikki are also eaten during the fast of Navratri. Let me tell you that usually all these things are senior. Therefore, some special things should be kept in mind while preparing and eating them. So that your body only gets benefits from them…

Hot foods in Garishta i.e. Taseer. Which naturally provide energy to the body as well as the ability to fight diseases. But if you do not use such food items after or with them, which works to keep the body cool and cool, then you may have a problem of increasing acidity, body heat or bile.

You have to do?
Use pure desi ghee of cow while making kuttu flour puri, kachori, paratha or dumplings etc. If you do not want to eat desi ghee then you should use food grade coconut oil.

Buckwheat flour

– By doing this, balance is established in the warm effect of the Kuttu. If during Navratri, you eat a meal made of Kuttu flour every day, then you must eat milk, buttermilk or lassi two hours before or after two hours.

You can also consume yogurt and buttermilk with Kuttu dumplings. But use sweet lassi and buttermilk at least two hours before or after eating a meal made of poultry.

Patanjali Cows Ghee

Body will remain calm and cool
Eating food prepared with cow’s pure desi ghee, coconut virgin oil and home-made buttermilk will keep your body cool and calm during the fast.

– Consumption of milk, curd, buttermilk and lassi will help in maintaining your digestive system properly. Because after eating food for the whole day, digestion is disturbed many times due to eating only food made of poultry and the person may complain of loose motion. This is due to the warm effect of the kuttu.

GirOrganic A2 Pure Ghee

Benefits of eating food made of cow ghee during fast
– Ghee of cow is always beneficial for health. If we talk about the fast, during this time, the digestive system remains fine by eating food made in cow’s ghee, along with internal cleansing of the body and muscles become strong.

– If a food made of kuttu, potato, arabica, sago, water chestnut flour, etc. is prepared in cow’s ghee, its nutritional content increases manifold.

Digestive system will work in a cool way, eat coconut oil like this every morning

Start the day with Chaulai kheer, winter-heat will not persecute in the changing season

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