Natural cough syrup: With this natural syrup.. cough will reduce in a pinch..!

Natural cough syrup: Immunity is low in winter. Due to this.. our body’s ability to fight infections and diseases decreases. In winter.. mostly problems like cold, cough, cold, fever, sore throat, tonsils, runny nose, flu are troubling. Many people suffer from cough during this period due to cold winds and dust pollution. Cough.. although it is a common problem.. it disturbs our work. Can’t concentrate on anything. Sometimes dry cough also makes it difficult to sleep at night. There are many types of preparations available to reduce cough. But, if they are used excessively, there is a risk of harm to health. Ayurvedic doctor Mihir Khatri shared the miracle cure for cough on his Instagram page. There are no side effects from using it.

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Dr. Mihir said that amla is effective in reducing cough. To get quick relief from cough.. It is suggested to drink half a teaspoon mixed with one teaspoon of amla juice. It is said to act as a cough tonic. People suffering from cough are told to drink this mixture three times a day.
Acidity will go away..
Dr. Mihir says that amla not only relieves cough but also helps to get rid of the problem of acidity. Those who have acidity problem.. It is good to take 1 teaspoon of amla juice and half a teaspoon of sugar before meals.
Increases immunity.

Amla is rich in vitamin C. Adding amla in our diet on a daily basis increases immunity. Amla also has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-glycemic properties. It is also rich in fiber, minerals and proteins. These nutrients improve the immune system in our body.
How to take..?

Amla and jeera water

Amla can be taken in any way. Some people eat amla pods raw, while others dry and powder them. They can also take greens and take amla as they like.
To prepare amla juice.. Take two amla seeds and cut them into pieces. Put these pieces in a mixie jar and add water and blend. After the juice is ready add some black salt and honey and drink it. It is better to prepare and drink this juice from time to time.
Note: We have provided these details according to health experts and studies. This article is for your information only. For any minor health related problem the best way is to consult the doctors. Can observe.

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