Monkeypox Vs Chickenpox : Same difference between monkeypox and chickenpox..

Monkey pox, chicken pox.. in terms of symptoms between these two diseases.. even doctors are confused about how to identify them. In both of these viral problems, symptoms appear naturally. But today let’s talk about the symptoms between monkey pox, chicken pox or atalamma and how to recognize them. And look for it now without any further delay. First of all, if we look at monkeypox, the monkeypox problem is transmitted from animals to humans. But these features are a bit closer to the game. Most of the viral infections occur during the rainy season, but the cases of chicken pox are also high during the rainy season. Many people suffer from the problem of chicken pox. We can observe nausea and rashes in such people.

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But many people are getting confused due to this situation. He said that he did not know the difference between the two. Experts say that they cannot tell whether the patient has symptoms of monkey pox or chicken pox. But if someone gets chicken pox, that person will first get fever and headache, he said. In the same way, some times throat problem, cough, boils on the skin also happen.

Doctors said that boils mostly appear on the eyes or hands and then they spread all over the body. But along with these, doctors have said that there are some other symptoms in monkey pox. If the newly reported cases of monkey pox were looked at, it was first confirmed that it was monkey pox. But later it turned out to be chicken pox.
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If seen in the monkey pak, the blisters on the skin will be slightly larger. They are even bigger than chicken pox. Monkey pox boils mostly on hands. In chicken pox, boils are itchy. But in monkey pox there is no itching. If it comes from monkey pox, the fever lasts for a long time. The same is not the case with chicken pox.

How to recognize the symptoms of monkeypox..

Also it is not so severe but boils on the skin. But in fact, chicken pox usually occurs during the rainy season. It’s chicken pox season so be careful. This virus grows due to various reasons like humidity, increase in temperature, water, wet clothes. This leads to chicken pox or atalamma. Moreover, almost everywhere the disease has a religious aspect. People consider it as a goddess. These patients are not treated with any drugs. They are left alone to give it time to subside.

When it comes to monkey pox, throat problem fever and normal virus symptoms are said to be present. Especially rash on the body happens. It is said that there is liquid inside them. This viral infection weakens man’s resistance power.

But now monkey pox is in the first stage and there is no proper treatment for it yet only they are treated according to their symptoms. If there is a throat infection, generic medicines are given.
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These viruses are not all alike and spread in different ways. However, those who have received the small pox vaccine are less likely to get monkey pox. Experts say that those born before 1980 who have received the small pox vaccine are at a lower risk of monkey pox. However, monkey pox and small pox are caused by viruses belonging to the same family. But fearing monkey pox, many countries are giving small pox vaccines to prevent monkey pox. But it has not yet been approved in India.

Note: We have provided these details according to health experts and studies. This article is for your information only. For any minor health related problem the best way is to consult the doctors. Can observe.

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