Milk Benefits: Acidity is created or eliminated by drinking milk, know here…

Milk Benefits: Acidity is created or eliminated by drinking milk, know here…

Milk Benefits For health: Drinking milk is considered beneficial for health. The calcium present in it works to strengthen the bones. People who drink regular milk. There is no bone related problem in them. Apart from this, milk supplies other essential nutrients. Many people like to drink milk at night. Some people also drink cold milk so that they can get relief from acidity. It is important to know whether drinking milk really ends the problem of acidity or the problem increases further. Let’s try to know this. 

Why do you believe it is beneficial?

Often you must have heard people saying that if there is a problem of acidity then consumption of cold milk Should be done. This ends the problem of acidity. It is believed that the alkali found in milk eliminates the excess acid produced in the stomach. This removes acidity related problems. 

While it is not so

But experts have different opinion about it. Experts say that relief comes immediately after drinking milk. But this relief is temporary. This is not its permanent
cure. Acidity will start forming again after a few hours. The fat and protein present in it promote acid excretion. Due to this the problem of acidity starts increasing further. This can cause burning sensation in the stomach and throat. 

Then how to get relief?

If the relief from acidity is water, then one should avoid adopting the substitute of milk. Apart from this, other measures can be taken. You can get antacid from the market. Apart from this, consumption of radish, buttermilk is also beneficial in acidity. If you are more troubled by the problem of acidity, then you should improve your diet and lifestyle. Food should not be overdone. Do not drink water immediately after eating. This gives relief in acidity. 

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