Medications are laddoos that can be made at home in winter, know the secret of hidden health in them

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In winter, people like to include things in their diet that work to heat their body and remove weakness. Which includes different types of laddus. So we tell you about some such laddus and their best benefits, which are delicious in food and keep us healthy in winter.

Sesame laddus are energy boosters and detoxifiers:


These laddus made from jaggery and ghee are very beneficial to eat in the cold due to the warmth. Being full of energy, these laddus give energy to the body. Eating it also helps in getting rid of depression and tension. Mole also serves to detoxify langs and body. We get plenty of calcium from its laddus, which strengthens bones. These laddus increase appetite as well as increase the amount of blood in the body. Eating sesame-jaggery ladoos provides relief in diseases like gas, constipation.

Effective from cold and cold to gum laddus:
In winter, it is advisable to eat gum ladoos to avoid colds and colds. Often people complain of joint pain during the winter season, for this it is beneficial to eat gum ladoos. Gum ladoos are eaten during pregnancy and to remove weaknesses after delivery. In the winter, eating gum laddus with warm milk before going to bed at night makes bones strong, relaxes muscles, eliminates constipation problems.

Strong immunity and pen-pillar dry gourd:


In addition to keeping the body warm in winter, if you want strong immunity, then a ladoo of dry ginger is enough. Sometimes, during the winter season, chest pain occurs due to overwork or exercise. In this case, eat dry ginger laddus. Dry cold laddus can provide great relief. They have anti-inflammatory properties. You can get relief from cold and flu by eating it with warm water. They also work to increase breast milk. This is the reason why women are given dry gourd ladoos after delivery. It has anti-bacterial properties, which make the immune system strong.

Palmless ladoos are also helpful in weightloss with cholesterol:
In the winter, eating dates laddus helps the body to get energy along with heat. The proteins, fiber, potassium, boron, cobalt, copper, fluorine, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc found in dates help the body to stay healthy. Regular intake of date laddus helps in cholesterol as well as weightloss as it has very low cholesterol and sugar. Date laddoos help to overcome bone problem (osteoporosis). In addition, the glucose, sucrose and fructose present in it maintain vigor in your body throughout the day. Due to the low amount of sodium, dates laddus are very beneficial in keeping the nervous system balanced.

Methi ladoos are effective in women’s health problems

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Fenugreek seeds are found to have anti-oxidant properties that fight flu and cold. Laddu made from powdered seeds of jaggery, ghee and fenugreek seeds is beneficial in winter. The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in fenugreek are effective in reducing joint pain and inflammation. Fenugreek contains polyphenolic flavonoids that improve kidney function and reduce the breakdown of cells. A laddu of fenugreek daily is also helpful in reducing the pain in the period due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Fenugreek laddoos contain vitamins and magnesium which improve the quality of milk in women. After delivery, women are advised to eat fenugreek laddus for weakness, body aches and vata problems.