Many Bollywood actresses want a fit body like Kriti Sanon, read her workout plan

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Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon is very active on Instagram. Many aspects of his personality are seen on social media platforms. Sometimes he is seen Poet and sometimes he can see how serious he is about fitness. The motivation behind Kriti’s fitness is that she cannot be seen tired on any given day. A post was seen on Kriti’s Instagram in which she was seen doing 5 different exercises. Kriti was seen doing exercises ranging from weight lifting to stretching and resistance bands. While doing these exercises, it did not seem like he had to work hard to do them.

For those who are fitness enthusiasts and interested in different types of exercise, Kriti’s account is not less than any motivation. Let’s see what kind of exercise Kriti does and you can tell by looking at these posts that if you are also fond of fitness, then how much of these exercises can you do with how much intensity?
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Kriti wrote in the caption of this post that she does not need Monday Motivation. If you do not like going to the gym, then you can take some motivation from this post of Kriti Sanon. From weight lifting to stretching, make yourself a part of your exercise. To keep yourself fit, you can choose exercise according to your body and follow the routine accordingly. Fitness is not only physically, but mentally also keeps you happy and stable.

In the caption of this post, Kriti wrote- ‘If you take care of your body, the body will take care of you’. In the picture, Kriti is seen meditating before yoga. Kriti further writes to inspire people to fitness, get out of your bed, go for a walk, do yoga, do mat workouts, dance, cardio or anything you like, but just take care of your body and your day Will become beautiful on its own

In the caption of this post, Kriti wrote that- Pilates is her favorite form of workout. Do any of your workouts that you particularly like. Some people like aerobics to stay fit, some dance, some yoga and some running, similarly there are many forms of workouts. You select the form of your choice and bring it to your routine.
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Which form of work did you like or which of these exercises can you do? Membership of gym is not necessary for fitness. For this, how much interest do you have in your body? Do you want to be lazy or keep yourself fit by doing workouts for both your mind and body? These posts of Kriti clearly show that she is not only a fitness enthusiast, but she also wants to inspire others for this.

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