Low Carb Diet: Taking low carb to lose weight, are you inviting these diseases?

Low Carb Diet: Taking low carb to lose weight, are you inviting these diseases?

Low Carb Diet Side Effects: Everyone aspires to lose weight and be physically fit. Doctors also advise that obesity should not be allowed to increase. Due to this, there is a risk of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease. But here it is also important to keep in mind that a balanced diet is necessary to reduce weight. Equally it is also important that in the process of reducing weight, do not start taking so many low carb that other problems start. Doctors say that serious side effects are seen on the body of low carb. There is a need to be careful with this. 

Problem of hypertension

In the process of taking low carb, the person starts taking very less carbohydrate. Due to this the weight is reduced, but other problems start. Actually, taking low carb can increase the level of cholesterol in the blood. There is a risk of heart attack and hypertension due to this. 

muscle cramps

Some people keep eating low carb for a long time. Do not even take advice from doctors. In such a situation, the risk of muscle cramps increases. Consuming less carbohydrates reduces the amount of water in the body. Some minerals also become deficient. 

Inability to be physically active

Athletes or sports persons are there. They are told to eat a high carb diet to maintain energy levels. Whereas, people who take low carb. Energy level may be down in them. Physical activity may be too low. 

Weakness and dizziness

Many people start off on very low carb diets. Follow this diet for a long time. By doing this, they do not get enough nutrients. Slowly the weekends start coming home. Weakness and dizziness can be a common problem. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert.

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