Long life secrets: People who lived 100 years told the secrets of living a long life, definitely try these 5 habits of eating and drinking

Everyone wants to live a healthy and long life. What you eat and drink is very important for a healthy life. It is not necessary that you can stay healthy by eating the most expensive things in the world, but it is important that how are your eating habits. Experts believe that sometimes even the consumption of the best food items does not benefit health, if you do not follow some basic rules of eating.

You can live up to a hundred years with a good diet, but you should know what, when, how and how much you are eating. Actually, these rules related to food and drink directly benefit the body.

More than 70,000 Americans celebrated their 100th birthday in 2021. During this it has come to know what and how they used to eat. A research was done on their eating habits. This research shows that if one wants to live a healthy and long life, then what eating habits should be followed.

excessive consumption of beans

Legumes have been considered a magical food. Consuming different types of beans regularly is the best way to maintain health. Legumes include fava beans, black beans and even soybeans and lentils.

follow the 80% rule


This means that while eating, when you feel that your stomach is 80% full, then stop eating. Actually, there should be a difference of 20% between not feeling hungry and feeling full. This can help in reducing weight. Obviously, increasing obesity can give rise to many serious diseases.

eating less as the day progresses

It is believed that the human body should consume fewer calories as the day passes. These people eat their smallest meal last. Don’t eat anything late at night. The meal at the beginning of your day should be big and not at bedtime.

eat less

To be healthy it is not necessary that you start eating a lot. Actually, there should be less but nutritious things in your plate. These people, who have lived for more than a hundred years, eat between 3 and 4-ounces at a time, which is the size of a deck of cards.

low consumption of meat

Experts also believe that taking a plant-based diet instead of meat can help in making the body strong for a long time. On an average, these people eat meat only five times a month.