Knowing the age of the heart can help you avoid problems

Provides you with an estimate of how healthy your heart is, how it should be, and how you can improve your heart health. The heart age calculator takes into account many factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, lifestyle, and age. Heart age is a measure of the age of the heart and blood vessels, taking into account the risk factors for heart attack and stroke. The heart age in men is usually 5 or more years older than their actual age. However, scientists say that the heart age in women is 5 or less years than their actual age. Scientists have revealed that three out of every four people in America have an early risk of death from heart attack or stroke.
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According to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) report, heart disease accounts for 45% of all deaths in India between the ages of 40-69. The man may be 53 years old but the heart may be 75 years old. It is important that you know the age of your heart in this context. Heart age is estimated based on the points you get in each of the following questions:

How old are you?

  • 30-34 years (minus 9 for women and minus 1 for men)
  • 35-39 years (minus 4 for women and zero for men)
  • 40–44 years (zero for female, plus 1 for male)
  • 45-49 years (plus 3 for women and plus 2 for men)
  • 50-54 years (plus 6 for women and plus 3 for men)
  • 55-59 years (plus 7 for women and plus 4 for men)
  • 60-64 years (plus 8 if female .. plus 5 if male)
  • 65-69 years (plus 8 for women and plus 6 for men)
  • 70-74 years (plus 8 for women and plus 7 for men)

What is your LDL cholesterol level?

  • Less than 100 mg / dl (minus 2 for women and minus 3 for men)
  • 100-129 mg / dl (zero for female and zero for male)
  • 130-159 mg / dl (zero for female and zero for male)
  • 160-189 mg / dl (plus 2 for women and plus 1 for men)
  • More than 190 mg / dl (plus 2 for women and plus 2 for men)
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What is your HDL cholesterol level?

  • Less than 35 mg / dl (plus 5 for women and plus 2 for men)
  • 35-44 mg / dl (plus 2 for women and plus 1 for men)
  • 45-49 mg / dl (plus 1 for women and zero for men)
  • 50-59 mg / dl (zero for female and zero for male)
  • More than 60 mg / dl (minus 2 for women and minus 1 for men)

Do you smoke?

  • Yes (plus 2 for women, plus 2 for men)
  • No (zero if female .. zero if male)

Do you have diabetes?

  • Yes (plus 4 if female .. plus 2 if male)
  • No (zero if female .. zero if male)

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What is your blood pressure level?

  • 120 /80 (minus 3 if female .. zero if male)
  • 120-129 / 80-84 (zero if female .. zero if male)
  • 130-139 / 85-89 (zero if female .. plus 1 if male)
  • 140-159 / 90-99 (plus 2 for women and plus 2 for men)
  • 160 /100 (plus 3 for women .. plus 3 for men)

Calculate all points:

These points determine the risk of developing heart problems over the next 10 years. In men, less than minus 3 points is 1 percent, minus 2 points is 2 percent, minus 1 point is 2 percent, zero points are 3 percent, one point is 4 percent, two points are 4 percent, three points are 6 percent, 4 points. 7 percent if 5 points, 9 percent if 5 points, 11 percent if 6 points, 14 percent if 7 points, 18 percent if 8 points, 22 percent if 9 points, 27 percent if 10 points, 33 percent if 11 points, 40 if 12 points. If it is 13 points, it is 47 percent, and if it is 14 points, it is more than 56 percent, it is more likely to cause a heart attack or stroke.

1 percent for women less than minus 2 points, 2 percent for minus 1 point, 2 percent for zero points, 2 percent for one point, 3 percent for two points, 3 percent for three points, 4 percent for four points and five points. 5 percent if 6 points, 6 percent if 7 points, 7 percent if eight points, 8 percent if 9 points, 9 percent if 9 points, 11 percent if 10 points, 13 percent if 11 points, 15 percent if 12 points, 17 if 13 points Percentage, if it is 14 points it is 20 percent, if it is 15 points it is 24 percent, if it is 16 points it is 27 percent and if it is more than 17 points it is more than 32 percent chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

How is heart age calculated?

According to a study by American scientists, a 50-year-old non-smoker, diabetic, obese, or hypertensive woman has a heart rate of 85 years. The heart rate of a 45-year-old man with a healthy body mass index is 75 years. However, he is diabetic, has high blood pressure and is a smoker.

People have a higher heart age due to lifestyle habits, weight and other health conditions. With age, heart-related factors increase with age. Lifestyle habits such as smoking and living a sedentary life with less physical activity can lead to a decrease in the age of the heart in young people. So that they can live only for a short time.

What determines the age of the heart?

There are many factors that determine the age of a person’s heart. Age causes many changes in the heart. The heart of an adult beats faster than the heart of a young man. Changes in the heart and blood vessels occur with age. For example as you get older your heart will not beat faster during times of physical activity or stress. The heart does not work as fast as it did when you were younger.
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These details are provided by health experts and studies. This article is just for your understanding. The best way is to consult a doctor for any minor health problem. Can notice.