Kitcehn Hacks: Make Your Kitchen Healthy On New Year’s Day, Remove Utensils Made Of These Metals Immediately

Harmful Metal For Health: Nowadays people have become very conscious about health. It is true that our health is made and deteriorated by the kitchen itself. In such a situation, it is important for you to take care of the utensils from food to cooking. Do you know that the metal utensil in which you cook food also affects your health. There are many such metals in which cooking not only destroys their nutrients, but also causes many types of damage to the body. Know which metals are harmful for you. 

Aluminium- The most dangerous metal is aluminum. You should immediately remove it from your kitchen. Aluminum pan is used in most of the homes. It is very strong, but this metal is most dangerous for health. Aluminum metal slowly corrodes, when heated, food tomatoes and vinegar react with aluminum acid. This can cause stomach pain and nausea. This increases the risk of dementia. 

brass- You should avoid cooking in brass utensils, but did you know that brass utensils react with salt and acid foods at high temperature. Therefore, cooking food in brass utensils should be avoided. You should never keep sour things in brass utensils or cook them in it. It can harm your health. 

Plastic- Plastic utensils should be used to a minimum. Do not use plastic utensils for cooking or heating anything. In plastic, you should only use boxes numbered #2, #4, #5 on the back of the box. You can use them multiple times.

Foil Paper- The foil paper used for heating food. It is very dangerous for health. The heat starts melting the foil paper. In such a situation, it is found in food and is injurious to health. You should not use foil paper. You can use cloth or tissue paper instead. 

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