‘Khesari ki dal’ is very beneficial in piles.

Often people forget to think of Khesari pulses as arhar dal. Because it is very similar to Arhar pulse. In Ayurveda many types of diseases are treated by consuming Khesari pulses. One of these diseases is piles.Piles) Disease.

Properties of Khesari Dal
-Kesari pulses are cold in nature. Therefore, this lentil is not consumed in dinner. Consumption of this lentil is suggested mainly in lunch.

– This lentil is mild in taste and sweet. Kesari pulses are also consumed even when there is a problem of increasing bile in the body. Because this dal is pitta perishable and works to increase physical strength.

Like other pulses, this pulse is rich in protein and iron. The special thing is that diabetic properties are found in this and its oil. That is, Khesari oil and its lentils are also very beneficial for the stomach.


Benefits of eating Khesari dal

– People who have constipation problem, frequent disturbances in the digestive system, intestinal ulcer problems, those people should use Khesari Seeds oil. Because of desiccating properties, this oil does not allow waste materials to accumulate in the stomach. This does not cause constipation.

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It is beneficial in these diseases
-Khesari pulse removes osteoporosis. People who consume this pulse in their diets do not have to face the problem of osteoporosis.


Khesari pulses relieve osteoporosis

– People who have problems with internal inflammation, they should also take this pulse. Because eating khesari pulses does not allow swelling in the internal parts of the body to increase.

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People suffering from the problem of acid formation in stomach also get special benefit from eating Khesari pulses. Because this pulse is cold in Taseer, due to this, it works to cool the stomach.

– Due to the rich in natural and nutritious properties, Khesari pulses contain such medicinal ingredients, which naturally reduce the piles of piles. If you consume Khesari pulses in your food along with medicines of this disease, then you will get more benefits.

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