It is not like a lizard eradication from egg shells, know here how to avoid mask related problems

Social distancing is almost impossible to follow due to high population density in our country. Therefore, it is better not to get out of the house without any necessary work and return home only after completing as many tasks as possible. So that there is no need to go out every day.

Must come out of captivity

That is, we cannot follow social distancing in markets, parks and other public places even if we want to. But still we have to avoid the infection of corona virus. Mask helps us all in this work. So don’t even think about getting out of the house without wearing a mask.

Chin masks

You must have seen many people whose masks hang on their faces like an accessory. That is, there is a jewel to enhance the beauty of the face. Because during this time, their nose, mouth or both are open with the mask and the mask is doing the work of chilling. Wearing a mask in this way does not prevent corona infection.

Corona does not run away after seeing mask

Because the corona is not such a creature, which runs away from seeing masks hanging on your face. For example, to remove the lizard, eggs are given on the door of the house by a hanging salad by friends. You know that corona is a virus that enters your body with your breath. So do not be careless about it.

Doctors are telling you the work…

Choosing the right mask is as important as wearing the right mask. Director of Strategic Medical Affair Adroit Biomed Ltd. is telling about the right mask to avoid Corona Dr. Anish Desai

It is true that the use of a face mask is an effective way to prevent infection with the corona virus, says Dr. Desai. But you cannot invoke other health problems by wearing mask for hours, right! So here know what you have to keep in mind while wearing a mask…

No tight no loose mask to protect against Corona

– Tight mask causes facial skin damage. But wearing a loose mask does not prevent infection. Therefore your mask should be of perfect fitting.

– Increase of acne on the mask area for people with sensitive skin or people who are wearing masks for 8 to 10 hours every day is becoming a common problem. In fact, wearing a mask causes direct friction on the skin, which causes itching and swelling on the skin.

Wet mask is the root of the problem

To avoid this problem, you must wash your face twice a day with mild soap or herbal face wash. Also, when the mask becomes wet in sweat or you have been wearing the same mask for several hours, change it.

– Because bacteria become active in wet masks and masks worn continuously for many hours. Which can cause itching, irritation and swelling on your skin. There may also be problems of acne or pimple later on in this place.

Those who are not in the health sector

– People who are not connected with the health sector, while giving them necessary suggestions about masks, Dr. Anish says that if you are not connected with health care, then avoid wearing masks for long periods. Take off your mask when you don’t have to wear it, like driving your car at home.

When wearing masks for a long time

– If you have to wear a mask for a long time, keep an extra mask together. When it is too late to wear a used mask, put this mask in a separate plastic bag and wear it out with a clean washed mask. When you get home, wash all the masks used.

Such masks are better for the skin

– Doctor Anish says that cotton face masks are best for the skin. Because cotton does not allow sweat to accumulate on your skin, but absorbs it. Also, cotton is a skin friendly fabric.

After applying the mask, apply hypoallergenic moisturizer on the face. Do not apply ointment based moisturizer. Because it incorporates sweat and skin oil.

-To reduce the skin irritation caused by the mask, use a cooling dispenser near the nose and central chic where there is nosepiece. If you have any skin allergies or rashes on your face even after being so cautious, then see a skin specialist.

Method of cleaning masks to protect against pimple

-To wash the mask, soak the mask in warm water for at least 20 minutes. After this, wash the mask thoroughly with the help of surf and soap. Dry the mask for 4 to 5 hours under strong sunlight. If it is not possible to dry the mask in the sun, then after dipping it, soak it in dettol-containing water for 10 minutes and then hang it to dry.

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