is paratha good for breakfast: how to make healthy paratha for breakfast in winters – Paratha for health: 6 healthy ways to make parathas, eat as much as you want; Health will not be heavy

Who doesn’t like parathas? In winter, hot parathas with lots of butter taste very tasty. Even people like to eat parathas for breakfast. But many of us refrain from eating these parathas, as they are full of carbs and fat. Sometimes the oil present in them increases the cholesterol of people, then the flour used for paratha makes people fat.

If you are also one of these people, then due to many such reasons you are not able to eat parathas, then we have a great option for you, to make them healthy. You can make your parathas healthier by using healthy grains, good stuffing and healthy oils. Here are 6 easy ways by which you will be able to make parathas healthy as well as tasty.

Dough preparation

The base of the paratha i.e. flour determines its health value. Therefore, instead of maida, always use whole wheat flour or multigrain flour for making parathas. This paratha is a very good option for your health.

It would be great if you use yogurt to knead the dough to add protein, probiotics and other nutrients. If you want, in paratha to increase calcium intake Milk can also be added. This paratha will become very moist and calcium deficiency in the body will also be fulfilled.

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Choose Healthy Stuffing

We all are fond of potato and paneer paratha. But stuffing of soya, gram, broccoli, mixed veg, tofu, lentils, eggs and mixed sprouts can also be a great option. If you often eat stuffed parathas in breakfast, then nothing will be more healthy and tasty option for you. Just try to add more vegetables than the size of the dough.

use the herb

Cooking and eating parathas is not enough, but apart from its taste, it is equally important to decorate them. Instead of salt and spices for garnishing the parathas, you can use use of herbs Do it. Ajwain, Tulsi, Coriander, Mint are such herbs, which will not only enhance the taste of your paratha, but will also improve your health.

use puree

To make the paratha healthy, use puree in it. If you use puree made from many green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek and soya to knead the dough, then the nutritional value of the paratha will increase. By the way, it is good to use rajma or chana puree to knead the dough.

choose the right oil

His image has been tarnished due to the huge amount of oil used to bake the parathas. Many people avoid eating paratha. But if you choose neutral and healthy fat for baking parathas, you can convert it to low calorie. Roast the parathas until a dot appears from both the sides, then pour oil or ghee on it. This will make the parathas crispy and low in calories.

Make Stuffing Healthy

You can add roasted chia seeds, sunflower seeds or mixed seeds to the stuffing to make your paratha crunchy. Let us tell you that all these seeds are full of nutrients. If you add them to paratha, their nutritional value will increase.

How many parathas should be eaten in one go

Portion control is very important to stay healthy. There are about 250-300 calories in a paratha. Thus it is advised not to eat more than one paratha at a time. Always eat this paratha with lentils, curd and buttermilk for a complete meal.

So if you avoid eating paratha due to some reasons, then definitely try the tips mentioned here. Then you will see that your paratha will not only become more delicious than before but will also give you good health.

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Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.


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