indians do not sleep enough: poll on sleep reveals 64% indians don’t sleep properly heres what doctors have to say

It is very important to come on time to sleep and complete sleep. Sometimes sleep may be disturbed due to some reason and you may also be delayed in sleeping. Which you can compensate after a day or two. But if this problem of not getting sleep starts happening every day, then it can give rise to many serious problems. Till some time ago people related to sleep were not even heard. But in today’s time, almost every third or fourth person is seen complaining of lack of sleep. Not only does your weight gain due to lack of sleep. Rather, it also becomes the cause of many diseases.

Recent polls conducted by ETIMES also show that the problem of sleep deprivation among Indians is increasing. According to this poll, 64 percent of people feel that they have not been able to sleep well. Apart from this, 51 percent of people sleep only 4 to 6 hours in a day. Not only this, there are also 10 percent people who take 4 hours of sleep in a day.

Expert opinion on sleep disorder

Consultant at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Dr. Sanjeev Badhwar It is said that even though cases of sleep-related problems have been seen less for some time now. But in real terms, a sharp increase has been seen in such cases in the last one year. the doctor says that he sleep disorder Seeing people struggling with all kinds of problems related to. Whether these include sleep deprivation, sleep fragmentation, sleep apnea or problems with the onset of sleep.

Not only this, the doctor says that now even in children cases of sleep apnea are increasing. According to statistics, 15 percent of adults in the country have the problem of sleep apnea. At the same time, from 3.4 to 5 percent of children, the problem of sleep apnea is also being seen.

How to identify sleep disorder

This question often comes in the mind of many people that how to find out whether you have a sleep disorder or not. On this, Dr. Badhwar says that to diagnose sleep disorder, some questions are asked from the patient, such as stop bang questionnaire and sleepiness scale diagnostic test is used. After this, some examination of the patient is also done, in which blood tests, X-rays, scans etc. are done.

Apart from this, sleep study ie polysomnography is also used to detect sleep disorders. the person in how deep did you sleep It is known. In this, when the person is sleeping have trouble breathing, what was the level of oxygen while sleeping. Through these it is known whether the person has sleep apnea or not. Or if there is sleep apnea, then its condition is normal, severe or is fine. Apart from this, sleep problems are also detected through sleep endoscopy.

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what symptoms appear

Apart from the test, if someone has a problem of sleep disorder, then many types of symptoms can be seen in them such as excessive sleepiness during the day, snoring, sleep disturbance, Fatigue, Difficulty in breathing while sleeping, Severe snoring, Feeling tired during the day, Headache in the morning, Irritation, Mood swings, Dry mouth and Difficulty doing cardio activities. These are all symptoms of sleep apnea, if this happens, see a doctor immediately.

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memory loss is a big sign

Experts say that the side effects of having sleep deprivation can be seen in many ways for a long time. Due to this mental ability, physical health, memory lossMood swings, difficulty in thinking, inability to concentrate, risk of accidents while driving, weakened immunity, diabetes, BP and problems while establishing relationships.

Difference between simple snoring and sleep apnea

Severe snoring during sleep or whistling sound while sleeping may or may not be sleep apnea. Because sleep is not disturbed during snoring. In such a situation, neither the person feels tired nor irritable throughout the day. In such a situation, if sleep apnea is to be detected, then the only way is to go to the doctor and get it checked.

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Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.


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