Hiccup will stop immediately after pressing this point of the palm, learn more and similar ways

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We all often have hiccups. Although the hiccup goes away on its own, it sometimes feels quite uncomfortable. This makes us feel difficult to talk and eat. Hiccups are stopped by consuming sugar with a glass of water. But apart from this, there are many ways to stop hiccups.

However, there is no evidence of effectiveness of home remedies. But home remedies have been used since ancient times to prevent hiccups. Most of these prescriptions stimulate the phrenic nerve associated with the diaphragm. Let’s know home remedies to stop hiccups.

Due to hiccups

Hiccups occur when abnormal spasms occur in the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a large muscle, which helps in breathing and exhaling. When it shrinks, we suddenly breathe and the vocal cod stops, producing a distinctive sound. Hiccups are usually due to lifestyle factors such as eating too much or too fast, carbonated drinks, spicy foods, stress, excitement, alcohol consumption, etc.

Home remedies to stop hiccups

Drink ice water

In case of hiccups, one should drink ice water slowly. It stimulates the vagus nerve and provides relief. Drinking ice water stops hiccups in no time.

Clap your palm

Using your thumb, apply pressure to the palm of your other hand. Make sure the pressure is not too high.

Eat a spoonful of sugar

Eating sugar may increase your calories, but it helps relieve hiccups. Chew a spoonful of sugar or drink sugar mixed in a glass of water.

Drink lukewarm water

It is believed that drinking a glass of lukewarm water stops hiccups. It is a common home remedy to stop hiccups. Cover a glass of warm water with a clean handkerchief or towel. Then drink water slowly through it. This will provide considerable relief.

Suck ice

Take a piece of medium sized ice and suck it until it melts and becomes small. After this, hit the ice. Apart from this, hiccups also stop when you are gargling with ice water for 30 seconds.

Suck lemon

Take a piece of lemon and add salt to it and suck it. After this, clean the mouth with plain water. This will protect your teeth from the effects of citric acid. Not only this, you can also taste a small drop of vinegar on your tongue to get rid of hiccups.

Press on your diaphragm

Your diaphragm separates your lungs from your stomach. Using your hand, apply pressure on the area just below your sternum.

There is a lot of discomfort when hiccups occur. But by trying home remedies, immediate relief from hiccups can be found.