Heart Attack: With this test you can know about heart attack.

Heart problems can be diagnosed through a blood test. It is called cardio C reactive protein. You have to consult your doctor to know the complete details about this.

Cardio C reactive protein (hs CRP) test is..

Cardio C reactive protein is also known as high sensitive C reactive protein. This is a simple blood test. According to Dr. Bikram Keshari Mohanty, Senior Consultant Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon, Visiting Consultant at the National Heart Institute, CRP, the standard CRP is an inflammatory marker that means when there is an infection anywhere in the body, the level of CRP in the blood increases. hsCRP is more sensitive than standard CRP. A high level of hsCRP in a healthy person means that the person is more likely to have blockages in the arteries of the heart, heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, stroke, and problems with the arteries.

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According to Dr. Vivek Chaturvedi, Professor and HOD, Cardiology, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, cardio
C reactive protein, hCRP, is a more recent test. It is available as part of various research packages. Inflammation is our body’s reaction against infection, stress, and certain autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. After an insect bite we see red spots on the skin. This problem occurs due to inflammation. The inflammation is short-lived. Long time is not good for the body. Prolonged inflammation in the heart is associated with complications such as heart attack, stroke, need for angioplasty, bypass, etc. Dr. Chaturvedi says that people with persistently high hsCRP are at increased risk of heart disease.

In addition, cardio C reactive protein, HSCRP is only one piece of the heart health jigsaw puzzle. Some studies have shown that high levels of hsCRP increase the risk of heart disease in the absence of other heart disease risk factors. However, this is still controversial. However, it is highly believed that the presence of elevated hsCRP increases the risk of other heart disease risk factors. It is important to remember that any recent infections can cause elevated CRP and hsCRP for several weeks. So, if there are recent infections, it is not understood if you have some other autoimmune disease that causes CRP to rise. That’s why you should do regular health checkups and check the results.

Healthy people are more likely to face problems like arterial problems, heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest and stroke in the future.

Director of Interventional Cardiology Dr. Anupam Goel High hsnCRP is a clear marker of CVD risk in individuals with other risk factors, a lipid panel. The same symptom can also occur.When hsCPR is high, it should be done twice over a two-week period to ensure that the person has low-level inflammation. A high hsCPR is only a marker of inflammation. Heart disease is not specifically diagnosed. These values ​​are only a fraction of the total calculation for heart disease. High cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure, smoking, along with other CVD risk factors need to be considered.

BP is also the reason..

Elevated CRP levels are almost always associated with other risk factors for heart disease, including smoking, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, high cholesterol, unhealthy lifestyle, high BP, sugar, metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar, abnormal lipid levels, and a combination of others.

Regular screening after 40..

People over the age of 40 should usually get regular checkups. Blood tests, X-ray, ECG, echocardiography and treadmill test if necessary for each system. If the person is in the high risk category related to heart disease, if they have a family history of heart disease, high BP, sugar, chronic smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, especially if they have symptoms of heart disease like chest pain, discomfort, shortness of breath, they should definitely get tested.

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Dr. Vivek says there is a lot of controversy regarding executive checkups and routine tests for your heart health. People are afraid. We keep hearing about people who collapse due to heart attack while doing gym and cycling. Everyone above 30 years of age should check BP accurately, monitor weight, sugar, cholesterol levels and know about underlying heart risk. 2 to 3 tests a year for glucose and cholesterol and blood pressure once a year is good.

People with heart problems in the family, people with sugar, people who are overweight, people who are infected with epidemics… all these people should get regular checkup. These may include special kidney and urine tests, echocardiogram etc. A treadmill test and coronary calcium score should also be done in patients at high risk of heart attacks. In selected cases with high disease risk, atypical cardiac symptoms, a CT coronary angiogram is also included.

How to maintain heart health

A good lifestyle can protect the heart. Decreased hsCPR may also be seen. It involves complete avoidance of smoking, active and passive exposure to tobacco. Consuming fiber food, avoiding processed food and maintaining weight should be done.

Kathlab, Director of Symbiosis Hospital, Mumbai, Interventional Cardiologist Dr. According to Ankur Fatter Packer, the various preventive measures that can be taken to keep the heart healthy can be categorized into lifestyle changes and drug-based treatments. Eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising, avoiding smoking, and avoiding alcohol should be followed. Blood glucose levels help lower blood pressure which affects the heart. Drug-based treatments include treatment for high cholesterol levels, high BP, high blood glucose levels as well as CVD treatment.

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Note: We have provided these details according to health experts and studies. This article is for your information only. For any minor health related problem the best way is to consult the doctors. Can observe.

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