Heart Attack: Why does heart attack come suddenly? Due to which its danger arises, know everything

Heart Attack: Why does heart attack come suddenly?  Due to which its danger arises, know everything

Heart Attack Causes: The cases of heart attack are increasing day by day in the film and TV world. Earlier actress Sushmita Sen had a heart attack. Although now he is absolutely fine. A few days after Sushmita Sen suffered a heart attack, actor and director Satish Kaushik died of a heart attack. Satish Kaushik had posted some of his pictures on social media while celebrating Holi, in which he was looking very healthy and fit. However, after a few hours, he had a sudden heart attack, due to which he died.

This is not the first time that an artist has died suddenly due to a heart attack. Earlier Siddharth Shukla, comedian Raju Srivastava and singer KK also passed away like this. All these actors looked fit and healthy. No one had ever thought that his death would happen so suddenly. Seeing these cases, now the question has started to arise that why the cases of heart attack are increasing day by day?

Even if a person is gymming and doing daily exercise, still some bad habits can create the risk of heart attack. If your heart is healthy then your body will also be healthy, but if the heart itself is not healthy then any person can be at risk of heart attack. Let us know what could be the reasons for heart attack.

causes of heart attack

1. High blood pressure (hypertension)

The problem of hypertension i.e. high blood pressure is also included in the danger of causing heart attack. Hypertension is a huge risk to heart health. It can damage blood vessels. Due to this, the flexibility of the arteries starts decreasing and due to the increase in blood flow, oxygen and blood reaches the heart faster. When such a situation occurs, there may be a risk of a sudden heart attack.

2. high cholesterol

Everyone has good cholesterol as well as bad cholesterol in their body. Bad cholesterol is a fatty substance, which gets stored in the arteries. Due to this, there is an obstruction in the blood flow, due to which the supply of blood in many parts of the body is not done properly. Due to obstruction in the blood flow, pain starts to be felt in many parts of the body, which intensifies many times. High cholesterol does not allow blood to reach the heart properly, which increases the risk of sudden heart attack.

3. smoking

Smoking too much can also cause heart related diseases as well as the risk of sudden heart attack. Smoking can cause blood clots to form inside the arteries. This can hinder the functioning of the arteries and can lead to a sudden heart attack.

4. Obesity

Obesity can cause the risk of many dangerous diseases. Not only heart attack but diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes can also take birth in the body due to this. Obesity can block the arteries and increase the chances of a heart attack. 

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