Health Tips: WHO is constantly helping the elderly to increase their immunity with these exercises, these exercises and healthy diet

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While people consider winter day to be good for health, winters also bring many serious diseases along with them. A little carelessness in winter can make us suffer from many diseases. The body’s ability to fight against diseases depends on how strong our immune system is.

Winter days are very difficult for the elderly. If we have elderly people in our homes, we need to be a little more careful in winter. Especially in the elderly, the ability to fight diseases is even less.

The greatest risk of Covid in the elderly


According to the World Health Organization, the elderly are currently facing the most threats and challenges of the corona virus. Although corona virus can occur to people of any age group, older people are at highest risk of getting infected by this epidemic. Because, their immune system is much weaker than the youth. In such a situation, today we will tell you some such measures and diet plans through which you can make immunity stronger in the elderly of your home.

Make distance with sugar

Sugar is usually included in two categories, one is natural sugar and the other is added sugar. While natural sugar does not cause any harm to the body, added sugar can give you many diseases ranging from diabetes to weight gain. This does not mean that the elderly cannot eat sugary, but in comparison to taking sugar every day, sometimes small amounts of sugar do not harm the body. You can use jaggery, honey and stevia instead of sugar for sweetening.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables provide many benefits to health. Using the right amount of green vegetables in the diet improves the health of not only the youth but also the elderly. Green vegetables are a great source of antioxidants, fiber and minerals. It keeps the body hydrate and also helps in staying happy. The use of green vegetables in daily food keeps the body away from diseases.

Omega-3 fatty acids


Fat is considered bad for the body and health, but omega-3 fatty acids are very different. Because omega 3 fatty acids help control blood clots and also control cholesterol. Apart from this, it also makes the skin glowing. Omega-3 fatty acids are also very effective in increasing the amount of essential oil in the body.


Vitamins are very important for the body and they are also very effective in boosting immunity. Especially by incorporating vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin-12 in your diet, it supplies many essential elements in the body. Vitamin D supplies calcium and phosphorus and increases strength in bones. At the same time, vitamin D is also very helpful in relieving the problem of depression. At the same time, nuts are considered to be a major source of vitamin E and supply of vitamin C from Orange, Lemon and Mausambi. Including these vitamins in the diet of the elderly greatly improves their immunity. Through their use, the elderly can be protected from corona virus infection.


There are many herbs that are used to enhance the taste of food in the kitchens of Indian homes. Such as black pepper, ginger, turmeric, basil, ashwagandha and mint, these herbs are easily found in the kitchen of Indian homes. But, along with enhancing the taste of food, it also boosts immunity. And very few people know this. In the elderly, these herbs increase the ability to fight diseases to a great extent. All the elements like anti-oxidants, antivirals present in it keep the body away from many diseases.

Lifestyle changes

Do not say a lazy lifestyle and do exercise once a day. If possible, do exercise, walking or jogging in the morning. Apart from this, yoga also provides many benefits to health. Healthy eating has many benefits to the body, but if an active lifestyle is adopted, it can be avoided from many health related problems. Whether it is diabetes, heart problem or corona virus like infection. Many serious diseases can be avoided through necessary changes in routine, exercise and healthy food.