Health Tips for Monsoon : If you do this during monsoon, you will get diseases..

Health Tips for Monsoon : Illness problems are more common during rainy season. Many types of infectious disorders are seen in many people. The main reason for this is climate change. In the same way, problems are also caused due to increase in humidity, water retention and high number of mosquitoes. Especially during the rainy season, most infections are spread through air and water.

Dengue fever, typhoid and viral fever are very common among the problems faced during the rainy season. Therefore, health should be taken care of often. It is not good to eat as much as you like. It is very important to follow such practices that are good for health. But now let’s see what kind of gut infections are caused by climate change today.
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Diarrhea, dengue and fever are common problems encountered during monsoon. Along with that, typhoid viral fever is also seen in more people. Doctors say that infections are spread through air through water mostly during rainy season. However, more gut related problems are more common during monsoons.

Rainfall affects water quality. But what happens in this corner is abdominal pain, fever, watery diarrhea and vomiting. Especially such symptoms are more common in children. They can also occur in adults. But the reason for these problems is lack of hygiene and eating habits. Due to these, gastroenteritis is more common during rainy season… many people are suffering from this problem.

That is why it is very important to change the eating habits as much as possible, to eat only good food and to be hygienic. Most people take health lightly. But instead of doing that, focus on health. Viral hepatitis is also one of the common problems during monsoons. Many people suffer from this problem. It is caused by oral contamination which is caused by lack of proper sanitation. Lack of hygiene can also cause this problem.

This viral hepatitis is spread due to lack of clean drinking water and other reasons. But this causes more fever. Hepatitis A Hepatitis These problems are common. Many people suffer from fever, vomiting and jaundice in this rainy season. Similarly, many people suffer from gastrointestinal problems. These gastro-intestinal problems are caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites and micro-organisms. These are classified as acute or chronic diseases.

These chronic enteric diseases are also known as inflammatory bowel disease. But what happens when these problems occur is that it causes chronic inflammation and digestive tract problems. If you look at the symptoms of this chronic enteric disease problem.. these symptoms can last for several months and sometimes even for a year. Symptoms of acute gastroenterology are similar but last for three to five days. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, bleeding during motion. However, if these symptoms are present, a colonoscopy examination is necessary to diagnose the problem.

There are also some other enteric diseases. These affect the gastrointestinal tract, causing symptoms such as anemia and diarrhea. However, if these symptoms are present, endoscopy is necessary. The problem can be known through endoscopy and to get rid of this problem, antibiotics have to be used for a long time. This can be recovered through antibiotics.

What kind of precautions should be taken to avoid such problems?

Boiled water only:

Drink boiled water to avoid such problems. It can prevent health problems. Also boiled water should be taken while cooking but not purified water. Then you can be careful not to get any diseases. It is also very important to sleep well, drink enough water, stay stress-free and keep the environment clean.

Maintaining hygiene:

Keeping the house clean Keeping the surroundings of the house clean is very important. Make sure that there is no water in the houses. Things like old tires tend to retain water and therefore should be removed and disposed of during monsoons. It is better to be careful. Otherwise there is a possibility of unnecessary minor problems.

Food Store:

Never leave food items uncovered. Leaving food uncovered can attract flies. These cause problems. So store the cooked food carefully covered.

Washing hands before eating:

We do many things every day. We also go out and come back. This causes germs on the hands. So if you wash your hands regularly with soap while eating food then it will be free of germs.
Hormones: If these symptoms are present, then there is a hormonal problem.
Avoid fast food:

It is better to stay away from fast food as much as possible during monsoons. Used oil is used to make food items. So don’t take them. Water is used in Chat Panipuri. They may not be good water. So be careful in this matter too. Also, make it a habit to eat at the right time.

Things like not taking raw food should be done. It is better to eat hot food as much as possible during rainy season. Similarly, it is better to take yogurt and butter milk during rainy season. Incorporating such probiotics into your diet can provide tremendous benefits. If you take ginger tea, there will be no cough and sore throat, so if you follow this method during monsoons, you will not be affected by any health problems. May be healthy.

Note: We have provided these details according to health experts and studies. This article is for your information only. For any minor health related problem the best way is to consult the doctors. Can observe.

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