Health Tips: Do you also drink water along with food? Know why it should not be done

Health Tips: Do you also drink water along with food?  Know why it should not be done
Mistakes While Drinking Water :Water is very important for our body. About 60 c/o part of our body is made of water. If you do not drink the right amount of water then many activities of your body can stop and you can fall ill.  When you feel thirsty, your brain signals to you that your body is getting dehydrated. Nowadays people get so busy in their work that they forget to drink water.  By doing this the body starts getting dehydrated. Drinking water is a very good habit but by making some mistakes while drinking water  you should avoid. Most of us make these mistakes. These mistakes affect our health, so they  It is necessary to improve in time. Let us tell you about those mistakes so that you do not repeat them the next time you drink water.

 Don’t make these mistakes while drinking water

1. Not drinking enough water:

 Not drinking enough water  Dehydration can be a problem. Nowadays people forget to drink water due to work. Experts agree that an adult should drink at least eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated.

2. Drinking too much water at one go: 

Many people make this mistake that they drink too much water at one go. Let us tell you that drinking too much water at one go can cause bloating, discomfort and even water intoxication, which can be dangerous.

3. Drinking water with meals: 

Drinking water while eating can cause stomach problems.  Drinking water while eating can make it difficult for the body to digest food. Doctors say that water should be drunk at least 30 minutes before or after eating. Due to this, your digestion is good and you do not have any kind of stomach related problems.

4. Drinking cold water: 

Drinking too much cold water can be dangerous for your health. With this, your body needs to digest food  Capacity may be reduced. According to experts, you  Water should be drunk at room temperature or slightly warm.

5.Drinking water with high minerals:

Drinking high mineral water can be harmful to the body. Drinking more of this water can cause many problems in your body. Therefore, as much as possible, you should drink at least as much mineral water. 
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