H3N2 became dangerous in the country… Know whether pollution is responsible for making the virus ‘deadly’?

H3N2 became dangerous in the country… Know whether pollution is responsible for making the virus ‘deadly’?

H3N2 Virus Symptoms: Two people died in Karnataka and Haryana due to influenza A, H3N2 virus. Its spread is happening very fast in the country. Due to its rapid spread from air to air, it has become a matter of concern for scientists and doctors. Doctors say that usually the viral is not so serious, but H3N2 has forced everyone to think again. Doctors are trying to find out the reasons that have made the virus serious. At the same time, appealed to the common people that those who are also getting infected by this virus. They should get it treated immediately. 

Is there a connection with the increase of H3N2 with pollution?

Doctors say that some reasons behind the spread of H3N2 virus have come to the fore. Among these, the presence of moisture in the weather and pollution is a big reason.  This year an increase is being seen in the number of flu cases. This can be attributed to the low temperature as well as low humidity conditions in Delhi-NCR. Low humidity in the weather is considered favorable for the spread of the virus. Apart from this, the high pollution level is causing infection in the respiratory system of the people. Lungs are getting weak due to this. The virus is easy to attack and infect. 

Pollution causes damage like this

The question is how does air pollution cause the rapid spread of the H3N2 virus? It has been revealed in many studies that the presence of particulate matter in the air is worrisome. Small particles of both liquid and solid float in the air. These are so small that they can enter both the lungs and the bloodstream. They cause serious damage. These weaken the lungs so much that they cannot tolerate even a normal virus attack. 

Virus cocktail is also dangerous

Doctors say that present in the air Cocktail of many types of virus is also dangerous for the human body. Adenovirus is also circulating in the air these days. In such a situation, it is difficult to differentiate between influenza and adenovirus. Often both types of virus present themselves with characteristic viral prodromes or almost identical symptoms of the disease. However, redness of the eyes may be seen in adenovirus infection. 

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