Global Hand Washing Day: Started 200 years ago, even today this habit works like a vaccine

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Negligence was common in olden times. Because by that time our generation had not seen the orgy of an epidemic like corona. But now no one can take the matter of hand washing and hygiene lightly. Because the corona virus has told that washing hands repeatedly is like an easy vaccination for your body, which keeps you safe from many diseases.

Global Hand Washing Day is observed every year on 15 October. Talking about this, Dr. Upali Nanda of Medair Hospital, Delhi, is giving some very important things. Which will increase your knowledge and reduce the risk associated with health …

Started two centuries ago
– Doctor Upali says that the practice of washing hands several times a day was started about two centuries ago. During this time it was necessary not only to wash hands before taking food. Rather, washing hands before every important work and after touching many different things, the work of washing hands was started in people.


This is how fingers should be cleaned

– The main reason behind this was diseases spread due to infection. At that time, infection of diseases like diarrhea (cholera), diarrhea, flu, influenza was spread on a very wide scale. Because with lack of knowledge about these diseases among people, medical facilities were also limited.

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– Therefore, the habit of washing hands was developed as a way of protecting people from infection. The new form of this is Global Hand Washing Day. Through which people are made aware of the importance of hand washing and hand cleaning every year even today.

Corona virus increases importance
In today’s time, cleaning the hands, not touching the face repeatedly, washing hands before eating anything and how much care is needed to take care of personal hygiene, it is said that the infection of Coronavirus Infection once again Has proved


Wash the wrist while washing hands

In today’s time, not only the habit of washing hands but also the habit of washing hands correctly is not less than any vaccination. It protects your body from an epidemic like corona, just as its vaccine will protect. Until the vaccine arrives, use and handwashing of the face mask are the only useful corona vaccine!

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Prevents stomach diseases
– Very simple and easy task is to wash hands. But it is also an effective way of protecting from many serious diseases. Especially stomach and digestive related diseases are protected. Doctor Upali says that if all people in the country get into the habit of washing hands properly, then we can control 25 to 50 percent of respiratory and intestinal diseases in our country.

This is the wrong habit
-Some people pick up the soap in their hands first when washing hands and then rub it off with instant soap and wet hands. In this way, complete cleaning of hands is not possible, as well as the infection of hands on soap and the possibility of soap infection on hands increases further.


Hand wash is the way to avoid stomach diseases

Right hand wash process
First of all, wash hands with clean water. During this, dust and dry dirt on the hands gets washed away. Now take soap or handwash and apply it well on hands.

-Now rub your palms, and hold the fingers of both hands in each other and clean the dirt between the fingers. Clean the nails and finger tips.

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-Cut thoroughly around the thumb of both your hands. After rubbing both hands from the side of the palms, rub the back side also.

-You should also clean your wrist during the hand washing process. After cleaning the palms and cleaning the upper part of the palm, rub the wrist of both your hands properly. Now wash hands thoroughly with running water. Running water here means that you wash your hands under the tap. Not in a mug filled with water.


How to protect children from corona

– After applying soap, the process of rubbing and cleaning hands in this way should go on for 20 seconds. Because during this time not only your dead skin comes out, but all kinds of bacteria and viruses on the hands die.

After wiping the hands, wipe them well with a clean cotton towel. Keep in mind that your towel gets washed every day and you dry it in the sun after washing it. Otherwise a dirty and infected towel can ruin the whole practice of washing your hands.

If there are children in the house then do so
-If you have children under 10 years of age in your house, then wash your hands with them. Because children are not able to do this work properly. You teach them that Right hand wash what happens. At the time of corona, you should not only keep your children’s towel separate but also wash it properly every day.

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