The global challenge for movement on mental health kicks

The global challenge for movement on mental health kicks

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A global challenge for movement social media challenge to urge the planet moving on the psychological state is launched today with a involve a huge scale-up in investment in psychological state.

Ahead of World psychological state Day on 10 October, the planet Health Organization, together with United for Global psychological state and therefore the World Federation for psychological state , are encouraging people from all countries to support a worldwide movement calling for greater investment in psychological state .

The #MoveforMentalHealth challenge is asking people round the world to post videos showing what they are doing in support of their mental well-being ̶ whether it’s dancing, walking, doing yoga, cooking, painting or something else entirely, on their favourite social media platforms, using the hashtag #MoveForMentalHealth.

Social media platforms like Tik-Tok, Facebook and Instagram are supporting the #MoveforMentalHealth challenge and helping kickstart broader conversations about psychological state , and therefore the importance of investment.

Messenger apps are providing support too. On World psychological state Day, WHO will launch a digital stress management guide the Whatsapp chat platform. supported the strain management guide Doing what matters in times of stress, the digital guide includes short, easy-to-follow guided exercises to assist reduce stress. additionally , Messenger are going to be launching a replacement sticker pack designed with the support of WHO, to facilitate conversations around psychological state .

The global challenge for movement on mental health kicks

“As we still get over a worldwide pandemic, we’d like movement on psychological state , perhaps quite we’ve ever needed it before”, said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO. “We got to move for our own psychological state , the psychological state of our families, friends and colleagues, and more importantly, in order that there’s a huge increase in investment for psychological state services at national and international levels.”

The magnitude of the psychological state burden faced round the world isn’t being matched by the investment it requires. The extraordinary increase in psychological state needs ̶ with the added challenges of COVID-19 ̶ is taking its toll on already overburdened and under-resourced psychological state services. Countries spend on the average only 2% of their health budgets on psychological state . Despite some increases in recent years, international development assistance for psychological state has never exceeded 1% of all development assistance for health.

“Our world wasn’t found out to reply to the growing psychological state needs before COVID-19, and it certainly isn’t now. That’s why now quite ever we’d like the planet to maneuver for the psychological state, and as individuals, communities, businesses, governments, and funders we must prioritize action on, and investment in psychological state,” said Elisha London, CEO and founding father of United for Global psychological state

Close to one billion people globally have a mental disturbance and people with severe mental disorders tend to die 10 -20 years before the overall population. Suicide is saying the lives of on the brink of 800 000 people per annum ̶ 1 person every 40 seconds ̶ and is that the second leading explanation for death for children aged 15-29 years. Relatively few people round the world have access to quality psychological state services, especially in low- and middle-income countries where quite 75% of individuals with mental, neurological and substance use disorders receive no treatment for his or her condition in the least .

“Mental health is suffering from many factors and circumstances. It touches on everything ̶ poverty, equality and development ̶ which is why we’d like to make sure greater investment and greater access to psychological state for all, ” said Dr Ingrid Daniels, President of the planet Federation for psychological state .

Other events happening around this year’s World psychological state Day include:

Big Event for psychological state

On World psychological state Day (Saturday 10 October), WHO is inviting the worldwide community to require part in the Big Event for the psychological state, an unprecedented online advocacy event that will involve increased investment in the psychological state in the least levels.

The Big Event is free and hospitable to the general public and can be broadcast on 10 October from 16:00 to 19:00 CEST on WHO’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn channels and website. For updated information about the large Event, including the newest line from performances and participants, visit the large Event website. to find out more about World psychological state Day, visit WHO’s campaign page.

World’s first virtual March for psychological state

The world’s first virtual March for psychological state will live stream 9-10 October and over the course of 24 hours psychological state experts, campaigners, advocates, and other people with lived experience from quite 17 countries are going to be sharing their stories as a part of a worldwide momentum to drive change and investment in psychological state globally. For more information and to check in and join the March visit

The Grand Celebration

The Global psychological state Fest’20 organized by the planet Federation for the psychological state will compile people from different communities, age groups, organizations, and institutions from across the planet. The stage is going to be open for various perspectives to blend and consolidate, promoting the essence of unity and solidarity as we work together to determine mental well-being as our universal right. More information from

The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization provides global leadership publicly health within the United Nations system. Founded in 1948, WHO works with 194 Member States, across six regions and from quite 150 offices, to market health, keep the planet safe and serve the vulnerable. WHO’s goals for 2019-2023 are to make sure that a billion more people have universal health coverage, to guard a billion more people from health emergencies, and to supply an extra billion people with better health and well-being. @WHO

United for Global psychological state

United for Global psychological state brings together the worldwide psychological state community with governments, funders and campaigners to assist confirm everyone, everywhere has someone to show to in support of their psychological state . The not-for-profit organization was launched at the UN in September 2018. @UnitedGMH

The World Federation for psychological state

The World Federation for psychological state is a world membership organization founded in 1948 to advance, among all peoples and nations, the prevention of mental and emotional disorders, the right treatment and care of these with such disorders, and therefore the promotion of psychological state . The Federation was the initiator of World psychological state Day. @WMHDay

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