Fungal Disease: The first unique case in India, this disease caused by plants to humans… know what happens in it?

Fungal Disease: The first unique case in India, this disease caused by plants to humans… know what happens in it?

Fungal Diseases In Humans: Humans get disease from humans. Humans also get diseases from animals. But you must have heard very few such stories, when a person gets sick after coming in contact with a plant or tree. This is rarely seen or heard. But such a unique case has been seen in India. One person has got plant disease. Doctors are expressing surprise on this matter. A plant mycologist plant specialist has become the first person in the world to succumb to the fungal disease. This case has been seen in a 61-year-old man in Kolkata. 

It was a plant disease

According to media reports, a 61-year-old man was found infected with Chondrosterium purpureum. It is a fungal disease that causes silver leaf disease in plants. Earlier, doctors could not understand that there could be such a disease, which could be transmitted from plants to humans. 

These symptoms were seen in the person

According to a report, the elderly He is a Plant Mycologist by profession. For three months, symptoms like hoarse voice, cough, fatigue and difficulty in swallowing started appearing. When the problem increased, he went to see the doctor. He also had a paratracheal abscess in his throat. When the pus samples were examined, it was found to be a fungal infection. Paratracheal abscess is often accompanied by fever, sore throat, odynophagia and swelling of the neck up to the hyoid bone.

Otherwise no medical history

In the elderly it was observed that he had There is no such disease. No side effect of diabetes, HIV infection, kidney or any other disease or medicine was found in him. He had no history of illness. 

How did he get infected

Doctors told that Pesha is a plant mycologist by profession. He had been working for a long time with mushrooms and fungi of various plants. There is a possibility that at the same time the person fell prey to this infection. The mycologist has recovered after taking two antifungal drugs for two months.

What is the disease

Silver leaf is a fungal disease of trees, caused by the fungal plant pathogen Chondrosterium purpureum. Is. It attacks most species of the rose family. This disease is very dangerous. In this the leaves become like silver. The person had come under the grip of this fungus. 

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