Fresh curd is very beneficial, protects against many diseases

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Curd made from milk is beneficial in every way, because it contains ingredients that protect against many diseases. As delicious as curd is in food, it is also beneficial in terms of health and beauty. Dieticians also recommend eating yogurt to most patients, so that they get cured quickly. It is strange that curd made from milk is more beneficial than milk. This is because there is a lot of fat in milk, the excess of which causes harm to the body. In contrast yogurt has very little fat, which is beneficial for the body.

Nutrients found in yogurt

According to Dr. Lakshmidutt Shukla, associated with, yogurt has the highest amount of calories, in addition to protein, vitamin-D, calcium, and contains phosphorus, lactose and iron. Many types of physical problems can be cured by eating curd. Let us know how physical problems can be solved with curd –

To strengthen digestive power

Eating yogurt strengthens digestion and cures stomach problems like constipation, acidity etc. People suffering from liver, kidney and ulcer problems should eat fresh curd daily, they will benefit from it.

To cure heart ailments

Nowadays people have become addicted to eating junk food and food has also become irregular. People are suffering from heart related diseases due to eating more fatty food. Problems such as high blood pressure, cholesterol imbalance are increasing. Yogurt is very beneficial for heart patients, as it reduces fat and helps in balancing cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

To relieve the troubles of bones

Due to the calcium in yogurt, it is also very beneficial for bones. Calcium is also necessary for teeth. In this case, curd intake gives structural strength to the body.

To increase immunity

Lactobacillus bacteria are present in curd, which helps in fighting the germs of the body and increases the immunity of the body. Therefore, curd should be consumed daily.

to lose weight

According to Dr. Lakshmidatta Shukla, associated with, eating curd can also reduce weight because eating curd can help in filling stomach and does not cause hunger for long. Yogurt is helpful in reducing body fat and also provides protein vitamins. Eating curd daily along with exercising can reduce weight.

To improve skin

Eating curd also improves skin and sun-burnt skin is also fine. Yoghurt is not only used for food, but it is also used as a feedpack for skin whitening. It also removes acne and facial spots. Yogurt is found in plenty of vitamin C, which helps in mobilizing the skin cells and helps to remove toxin.

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