Flu and coronavirus: this difference in symptoms of cold, flu, seasonal allergies and corona infection

The biggest dilemma in the changing season is that the difference between cold, flu, seasonal allergies and corona virus is not understood on the basis of symptoms. Due to this, people are getting scared due to the effect of cold and heat and they feel more afraid of corona infection. To get out of this fear and identify corona on time, you must be aware of some symptoms. So that you can know the difference between diseases of these same symptoms …

Symptoms of Coronavirus
Notice here that due to runny nose and sinus problems, Kovid-19 is rarely seen. Yes, having corona mild and severe while the main symptoms of corona are …
Fever and cold
-Khansi (This cough is mainly dry. It does not cause phlegm.)
– Having trouble breathing and shortness of breath.
– Sometimes very tired
– Occasionally headache or severe headache
– sore throat and difficulty swallowing anything. According to doctors, there are two types of cough, remove from these home remedies


Understand the difference between dry and wet cough

Cold symptoms
When cooled, our body usually controls itself. But it takes 7 to 10 days. Therefore, through your diet, you should definitely give your body immunity. Common symptoms of cold are as follows…
-Nose bleeding or nasal congestion
– mild cough
-Light fatigue
– water from eyes
Swelling or sore throat
– Occasionally a headache. Corona will attack you quickly, if your body is lacking this vitamin


What are the symptoms of flu?

Symptoms of getting the flu are as follows
This time is the peak season for getting flu. The flu spreads very quickly and quickly. It is also called influenza. The flu virus engulfs your nose, throat and lungs. It takes 5 to 7 days to recover. Its symptoms are as follows…
Fever and chills
– Usually dry cough
-Stay tired all the time
-Pain persistent body pain
-Notification or persistent runny nose
Sore throat and pain
– Having diarrhea. Corona virus can be killed in just 30 seconds if infected immediately

Seasonal allergy symptoms
-Allergies due to changing weather include itching in the eyes, nose, ears, sore throat and sinus problems increase. Other symptoms are …
-Nose bleeding or nasal congestion
– water from eyes
-Head headache
– Breathing short. Take these precautions even after 14 days of quarantine, corona infection will not spread in the family
Corona and Traveling Tips: Follow these measures during the journey to avoid this virus

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