Eye Drop: Wrong use of ‘eye drop’ can take away your eyesight, know every important thing related to it

Eye Drop: Wrong use of ‘eye drop’ can take away your eyesight, know every important thing related to it

Eye Drop Side Effects: Many eye problems can be treated with eye drops, such as eye infections, red eyes, minor injuries, glaucoma etc. However, by using expired or old eye drops, you may have to face many serious situations. Many people start using any eye drop on their own without consulting the doctor. Doing so can have a bad effect on the health of the eyes.

Everyone must consult a doctor before using any medicine or eye drop, so that any bad situation can be avoided. Be careful if you are putting old or expired eye drops in your eyes. Because by doing this you may have to face these problems.

Disadvantages of expired or old eye drops

1. Eye irritation: Putting expired or old eye drops in your eyes can cause eye irritation. Not only this, the eyes can become red. They can be very itchy.

2. Risk of bacterial infection: Using old eye drops can pose a risk of bacterial infection. Because there is moisture in our eyes, the risk of bacterial growth is high. Using eye drops the wrong way or touching the dropper with dirty hands can cause a bacterial infection in your eyes.

3. Eyesight can go: Be careful if you put open or old eye drops in your eyes. Because such carelessness can lose your eyesight. Always use new eye drops under doctor’s advice.

 Do this before putting eye drops

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before putting eye drops. 

2. You can also sanitize your hands if you want.

3. Carry a clean handkerchief with you while putting eye drops, so that it can be wiped if it falls out of the eyes. 

What is the correct way to instill the eye drops?

1. Lie on your back before instilling the eye drops.

2. After this, open the eyes wide with the help of finger and thumb and put the drop in it.

3. The drop should always be inserted in the center of the eye.  

4. Close your eyes for some time after instilling the eye drops.

5. If the drop has spread around the eyes, wipe it with a handkerchief.

Disclaimer: Follow the methods, methods and suggestions given in this article. Before doing this, take the advice of a doctor or related expert.

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