Dry Cough Home Remedies: Remove dry cough without side effects, these home remedies will benefit

It is very common to have a problem of dry cough in the changing season. If there is some carelessness in the food or due to the effect of cold and heat, then the cough takes you. Learn here about those easy home remedies to get rid of the problem of dry cough …

What is dry cough
-Cough does not come from the throat during a dry cough. This cough starts with a rather strong knock and feels a burning sensation and discomfort due to a feeling of dryness in the throat.

– Dry cough is the most disturbing night time problem. Because there is difficulty in breathing while sleeping due to inflammation of the windpipe and throat. During this period, dryness in the throat also increases. This causes frequent rashes and a sudden high cough.


How to get relief from neck pain

Quick relief from dry cough
Whenever you have a dry cough, you should immediately mix two teaspoons of honey with half teaspoon of liquorice powder and eat it slowly by licking it. You will get immediate relief.

If the problem of cough is very high, you can consume honey and liquorice thrice a day. But before that eat something. That is, if you adopt this method after eating food, it will be better. Some people may have problems with empty stomach liquorice.

Turmeric and ginger milk
– You heat a glass of milk. When the milk is well heated, add ginger to it and mix the jaggery in the milk. After the jaggery dissolves, add turmeric powder to it and after filtering the milk, sip it immediately and drink it. This milk will work to give you relief from dry cough.


What to do if you have a dry cough

This method also with milk and liquorice
To get relief from dry cough, after taking liquorice with honey or after drinking turmeric and ginger milk, apply balm on your throat and chest and cover it with a light wrap for 20 to 30 minutes. With this, you will get relief from chest pain due to cough.

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