Do you take paracetamol even if you have mild pain? knowing the consequences you will probably stop doing it

Do you take paracetamol even if you have mild pain?  knowing the consequences you will probably stop doing it

Paracetamol Tablet Side Effects: People all over the world have problems like body pain, headache, lower back problems. In this condition, it becomes difficult for a person to stand or sit straight for a long time. People often take many over-the-counter medicines like paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine to get quick relief from pain. A new research study warns against the use of such drugs. This study is alarming for those people, who go to the medical store without thinking and eat paracetamol by themselves. 

Study done on more than 15 thousand people

< p>The study was published in The BMJ on March 22, 2023. A total of 15,134 participants were included in the study. The study looked at the effect of 69 different drugs or other combinations. First included non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, paracetamol, opioids, anticonvulsants, antidepressants muscle relaxants or corticosteroids from the World Health Organization Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical System. 

Pain relieved, but damage done even more

Researchers found that the analgesic reduced pain minimally, but had dangerous side effects. Side effects on the gastrointestinal system: Symptoms like nausea, indigestion, vomiting and diarrhea were seen in the patient. Problems related to nervous system like fatigue, dizziness and headache were also seen. In the study, it was especially seen that people who had severe pain in the lower back. The same people took more of these drugs. 

May also harm the liver

A review study found that back pain and osteoarthritis Life style does not improve by taking paracetamol for the treatment of. The effect of paracetamol in reducing pain was not as effective nor was it considered as significant. Researchers warn that excessive consumption of this drug increases the risk of liver damage. 

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article are to be followed. Before taking the advice of a doctor or related expert.

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