Do you eat a lot of mangoes in summer?

Do you eat a lot of mangoes in summer?
Summer food ..

Summer is when most people look forward to certain foods. The list goes on and on, not to mention cold ice creams, juices and mangoes. But experts say that’s just what’s happening.
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Non Veg ..

In the same way it is best to stay away from nonveg as much as possible this season. This is because too much of these oils can cause digestive problems. Antena .. makes the skin oily. Consumption of such food makes the body more hot and sweaty. This causes the body to become dehydrated.


Spices ..

Spice items should be minimized as much as possible. Eating these will produce more heat in the body. This can lead to digestive problems.
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Mangoes ..

When the season comes, most people like to eat mangoes. Get kilos and enjoy them. Anyway, we’ll eat these this season. The answer is that it will be available for the rest of the season. However it is better to eat fruits seasonally. But experts say eating more mangoes is not a good idea. Eating too much of these can lead to problems like bloating, indigestion and diarrhea. However .. it is high in sugar percentage. So the chance of weight gain is high. So no matter how much you like it, the less you eat these fruits the better for your health.


Coffee, tea.

Those who are accustomed to coffee and tea will not be able to leave them. These are taken in large quantities. However, experts say that it is not good to take these. Ingredients like caffeine in it reduce the water levels in the body. So it is better to stay away from these too.
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Ice creams ..

Most people take ice creams and cool drinks when they go out in the sun. Even if they are cooled at that time, the damage caused by them is high. There is a risk of heat damage from taking them all at once. In addition .. there is a possibility of generating heat in the body.

Ice creams

Note: These details are provided by health experts and studies. This article is just for your understanding. The best way is to consult a doctor for any minor health problem. Can notice.