Do this remedy for 5 minutes every day before sleeping… Hair will grow while lying down

Do this remedy for 5 minutes every day before sleeping… Hair will grow while lying down

Hair Care Tips: The problem of hair fall is very common. Be it a woman or a man, this problem remains with everyone. This is the reason why we need to take special care of it. This problem increases even more in the summer season. Hair fall increases due to dust, pollution and sweat. Some people get stressed because of hair loss. There are some people who get hair treatment done or buy expensive products from the market and use them, but these expensive products create long term problems by seeing temporary relief from the problem. Now what to do to get rid of hair fall? So we are telling you a very easy solution. Which you have to do every day before sleeping. By taking these remedies, your hair fall will reduce and hair growth will also be faster…let’s know about more remedies.

Lie down with the head upside down (Inversion Method).

Inversion method is very beneficial to stop hair fall and for growth. To do this method, you have to hang your neck upside down towards your bed. This will give you a lot of comfort. Following this remedy for about 4 to 5 minutes every night before sleeping is not only beneficial in hair growth. Rather, mental health also benefits. Actually, it improves the blood circulation of the head. Due to which hair growth, neck pain is removed and mental health is also improved. Apart from this, you also need to take proper care of hair like oiling regularly, take a complete diet…

Avoid turning the head upside down in these problems

  • If you have any kind of problem related to the eyes, then you should avoid doing this yoga< /li>
  • Pregnant woman should avoid doing this type of yoga.
  • Avoid doing this yoga if you have vertigo
  • Has also undergone laser eye surgery Even then avoid doing this yoga

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or a related expert.

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