Do not understand the problem of dry nose in winter, know the remedies for minor

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In winter, cold winds can cause many diseases besides cold and fever. There are many people in the winter who have a cold all season and their nose is always full or flowing. Apart from this, fever, cough, pain in muscles, how many problems are born.

Due to the nose always being full, keeping it clean with a handkerchief can sometimes make you feel uneasy. Apart from this, people sometimes have itching, redness and even irritation due to dry nose.

Dry nose can be harmful

Let us tell you that dry nose can pose many health risks. Due to this, there is a possibility of problems like sinus problems or more headaches. Not only this, there can also be respiratory problems. This problem is seen especially in summer. However, here we are telling you some such homely and easy tips that can help you break the winter in winter season. Learn ways to overcome it.

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Common home facial treatment or steam can also help in relieving dry nose. For steam you can take it with steam steamer or in a big vessel Water can steam. Before taking steam, cover the head with towels and steam for as long as is tolerated.

Nasal spray

If you are troubled by the problem of dry nose, then nasal spray may be better for you. It can be used to wet the nasal passages, but it should be avoided to overdose. If you use too much, then the nose will start to dry up and the mucous membrane, ie, the mucus membrane can be damaged.

Almond oil

Almond oil is an excellent remedy to relieve nasal dryness. However, only Badam oil This problem can be easily overcome by applying, but it works even better by mixing aloe vera gels. To overcome the problem of dry nose, apply a mixture of these two inside your nose with the help of a cotton ball.

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drink water

Dry nose problems can also often result from lack of water. There is often a lack of water in the body due to heat, which causes dryness in the nose. In such a situation, drinking water becomes very important. Many problems can be avoided by drinking plenty of water. You can drink lukewarm water in this season.

Coconut Oil

We all know about the benefits associated with coconut oil. In the nose By applying coconut oil It removes dryness and helps to relieve pain by filling the gaps between cells. But remember, do not overdo it like any other remedy. A few drops of coconut oil a day is enough to reduce the symptoms of dry nose.

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Vitamin e oil

Like coconut oil, there is vitamin E oil which is very useful for dry nose. There are capsules of vitamin E oil available to buy in the market. You can use it to apply on and around your nose. However, you can consult a dermatologist before using it on the skin.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is most commonly used in winter season. Apart from keeping the skin moisturized, it also helps in nourishing. Petroleum jelly One of the best ways to moisturize and hydrate dry skin in your nose. Apply petroleum jelly inside your nose using your fingers. However, do not forget to use excessive amounts of it. Do not apply it everyday only during dry nose problem. Daily use can cause serious problems for your lungs.

Wet wipes means wet wipes

These days people often use hot water for bathing. In this case, if you have a problem of dry nose, then you can reduce this problem by using baby wipes soaked with hot water. Clean the nose with wet wipes of warm water. Wet wipes are easily found in the market as well as online in the market.