Do not take bird flu in light, know what to do to protect and what not

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Cook chicken until it turns pink

Most viruses infecting birds live in the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract. Eating raw meat of animals and birds can increase the risk of infection in humans. However, bird flu is not a disease caused by diet. But eating infected chicken can cause bird flu. So cook the chicken well until it turns pink. Take it after this.

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Keep away from birds

Birds are the largest carrier of the flu virus. Animal birds become infected without getting sick and they spread the virus through their feces and feathers. Dead or injured birds should not be touched to avoid bird flu infection. Wear gloves before handling birds. Also avoid exposure to bird droppings. Animals should avoid contact with birds to prevent the spread of H5N1.

Do not shake hands

You may keep your hands clean, but not necessarily other people. Avoid shaking hands with another person to protect yourself from bird flu infection. Instead say hello to him. If you constantly shake hands with others, your chances of getting sick may increase.

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Wash your hands

Bacteria, flu viruses and other germs usually infect the hands the most. Regularly clean your hands with soap to avoid bird flu infection. In addition, hand rubs containing alcohol can also be used. It helps in killing bacteria and viruses that accumulate on the skin. By adopting hygiene, you can protect yourself to a great extent from bird flu infection.

Feel ill stay home

When you feel ill, stay home. This can help protect your coworkers, family and friends from infection. Also keep sick children at home and do not let them go to school. Schools may be at risk of respiratory infections including flu. Protect other people from diseases by staying at home.

Bird flu infection can be avoided by taking some necessary precautions. Protect yourself at home and take full care of hygiene.