Dates Jaggery: dates jaggery is eaten with great fervor in West Bengal, it gives comfort to the body by heating it

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In the winter season, we are tempted to look at the dish made of some special things. In this it is a special thing, dates jaggery. Dates or ingot dates are rich in many types of nutrients. It is rich in iron and fluorine.

In addition, there are many types of vitamins and minerals in it. Jaggery made from date juice is delicious and is also very beneficial for our health. Let’s know about the benefits of dates jaggery.

Rich in nutrients
By using dates jaggery regularly, you can keep yourself away from many types of diseases. It is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5 ​​and C along with protein.

Makes the mood happy

The date palm is a good mood booster. Its unique taste helps to make your mood pleasant. Apart from this, taking jaggery daily also benefits in migraine problem.

In the cold

Use of dates jaggery will be like nectar for you in winter. Due to its warmth, it helps to relieve you from colds, colds and especially phlegm. For this, you can take it by mixing it with milk or making a decoction. When the cold is over, it is beneficial to eat jaggery and make it crushed.

Relieves relief in joint pain

If there is a problem of joint pain in winter, eating ginger with a piece of date jaggery daily, relieves joint pain. Apart from this, by heating jaggery with ginger, eating it lukewarm provides relief in sore throat and burning sensation. This also opens the voice.

Diabetes patients can also eat

Date jaggery is sweet in taste but does not contain cholesterol and the level of fat is also very low. A specialty of this jaggery is that even diabetic patients can eat it comfortably without any fear.

A piece of date jaggery will relieve fatigue

If you are feeling very tired or weak, eating a piece of date jaggery is very beneficial. Because it increases the energy level in your body and you do not feel tired. Date jaggery is also very beneficial for anemia patients.

Gives warmth to the body

Dug jaggery full of qualities acts as a power booster in winter. It is suggested to eat it in winter due to the power to warm the body. It not only regulates the temperature of the human body but also detoxifies the body.

Beneficial in stomach problem

Palm jaggery, recognized as a natural sweet, is extremely beneficial in solving the stomach gas and other digestive problems. Digestion is also better by sucking a little jaggery after eating food everyday. If there is a problem of gas in the stomach, consuming jaggery with a glass of water or milk daily, causes cold in the stomach and does not produce gas.

For skin problem

Eating a little jaggery everyday does not cause acne and the skin glows. It helps to cure your skin problems internally. Date jaggery helps in cleaning the skin by removing harmful toxins from the blood and also improves blood circulation. It also controls the metabolic rate by cleaning the blood in the body.