Covid: Eyes are getting red, is the child in the grip of Covid… know the symptoms and prevention

Covid Symptoms In Kids: Virologists believe that the new Kovid-19 variant XBB.1.16 is the main reason for the increased cases. This new sub-variant of Omicron, which has been discovered so far in different countries. This virus has infected thousands of people in India as well. Many new types of symptoms are also being seen in this virus. Even more worrying is the fact that this variant is once again attacking children and poses a threat to adults as well. In such a situation, the family members need to be serious about the health of the children. 

These symptoms are seen in children

Hot body ie fever, cold and cough, diarrhea There are some symptoms. Apart from these, the eyes are red, itchy and sticky. Earlier Corona 
Such symptoms were not seen in the cases. 

These symptoms are also visible

Doctors say that this new variant The symptoms are mostly like low-grade flu. People can experience symptoms in the upper and lower respiratory tract. In the upper course people have runny nose, sore throat, slow progressing fever that lasts for a day or two. Decreased ability to smell may be experienced. Covid test is recommended as soon as these symptoms appear. Patients may suffer from severe bronchitis and cough if there is trouble in the lower respiratory tract.

Not as dangerous as the virus

This new variant spreads faster than others. However, the  patient hospitalization rate is very low. It can be managed at home. In the recent past, people who have been vaccinated and were exposed to the infection during the previous Covid wave. They have strong immune system against virus. This is called hybrid immunity. Doctors say that in hybrid immunity, the body develops antibodies which help in fighting the mutations of the virus. It is observed that the cases of covid are increasing but due to hybrid immunity they will not lead to mass hospitalization. Despite this, people should follow the Covid protocol to prevent the virus. Keep a distance of two yards. Keep the child isolated.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of the doctor or the concerned expert.

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