Coronavirus vaccine: Is Kovid Vaccine Not Safe, Know Who is at Risk

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In early 2021, people from all over the world received the gift of the Kovid vaccine. Vaccination of covid vaccine has now started worldwide. It is being told that in the next few days its vaccination will be started in India as well. However, initially the dose of covid vaccine will be given only to those who are most at risk from the virus, such as medical staff, police administration, and sanitation workers.

It is a little difficult to say that a Government of India certified vaccine is as effective at all. That is, it can also be said that there are some disadvantages of this vaccine. Perhaps then many groups are excluded from the vaccination process. Let us understand the risk of Kovid vaccine in easy words.

Main reason for doubt

Kovid-19 virus A vaccine formulated for can not be considered completely safe because it usually takes between 5 and 15 years to prepare a vaccine. Whereas the Kovid vaccine was approved for vaccination within just one year. In addition, the Kovid vaccine is also being suspected because some groups have been completely excluded from its vaccination. That is, it can be said that the vaccine of Kovid-19 will not work at all.

Vaccination side effects

If you believe that the vaccine is safe, that it has side effects, then tell that you are wrong. Every vaccine has some side effects. but Covid Vaccine Trial Some people are being kept away from it because it has not been fully completed. Now only those people who are most at risk from Kovid are being given vaccination.

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This group is excluded

Among the groups excluded from the vaccination of Kovid 19 are children below 16 years, pregnant women and the elderly. Perhaps this is because the immunity system of the people of this group is not that much better. And they require different doses.

May interfere with medicines that protect you

Immunompromised system means that a variety of biochemicals have been used to make this vaccine. In such a situation, these drugs can interfere with the functioning of other drugs in your body. Especially on those who are already taking cancer or immunosuppressant drugs.

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This kind of damage can happen

Vaccination of covid vaccine should keep away those people who already have any type of allergy. The side effects of the vaccine that have been reported so far may cause allergic reactions, fatigue, and inflammation. In this way, you will also have to see the history of your vaccination. Although allergy is very minor but it is important for you to take a right decision.

The reason for not giving vaccinations to pregnant women

There is no evidence that this vaccine is not safe for pregnant women. But the immune system of an unborn child is not so strong, it also cannot be ignored. In such a situation, it will be challenging to prepare a separate vaccine for pregnant women.

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Whose decision on vaccination of children

As such, vaccination is the right way to protect children and reopen schools and educational institutions. But the government has excluded children from vaccination because their immune system is not that good yet. Although trials are being started to provide vaccines to children, it will still take two to three months more time. In such a situation, the decision to vaccinate children depends on the parents.

Vaccination is the only option to fight the virus

Given the risk of vaccine, many people are getting vaccinated. While doctors say that we know that the vaccine is completely safe, no data exists. But whether to get vaccinated or not, it should be left to the people. But it is not right to go against vaccination in any case. Because vaccination is the only way through which life can be brought back on track.