Constipation relief: Constipation problem.. follow these tips..!

Constipation is a very troublesome problem. Sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits, not drinking enough water, and not consuming much fiber are the reasons that aggravate the problem of constipation. Many suffer from constipation and its severe symptoms. Many people do not take the problem of constipation seriously. Experts say that if the problem of constipation is neglected, then one has to face serious health problems like piles, overweight, fatigue and weakness.
In both children and adults, if the diarrhea is not smooth or has to be passed with great difficulty, it can be called constipation. Some think they have this problem because they don’t have diarrhea every day. However, the process of excretion is not the same for everyone. There is no rule that everyone must have diarrhea every day. If you have trouble passing stool at least three times a week, if it is very difficult, it can be considered constipation. (constipation relief)

Symptoms of constipation

  • Decreased large bowel movements, difficulty passing stool
  • Stools are hard and small in size
  • Inability to defecate despite the urge to defecate
  • Stomach bloating, pain
  • Decreased movements of the small intestine and digestive tract due to slow excretion and lack of desire to eat food.

Ayurvedic doctor Rekha Radhamani said, “Some patients complain that they are not losing weight, they are getting headaches all the time for no reason, and pimples are not reducing. In fact, these are all signs of constipation.” Constipation is not only a symptom of many diseases, it is also a sign of imbalanced fire. Rekha said. According to Ayurveda, diseases are caused due to imbalanced fire. Even if there is no motion for a day, it is harmful to the intestines and stomach. Rekha says. He said that relieving constipation is very important for the health of the stomach and intestines.

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Eat these..


Experts say soak 5 or 6 dried al bakara fruits in water before going to bed, eat them in the morning on an empty stomach and drink the rest of the water. It is said that if this is done, the problem of constipation will be reduced.
Drink more water..


Experts say that you should drink enough water every day to avoid the problem of constipation. Drink at least seven to eight glasses of water daily. Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.
Eat this food..


Make sure your diet is high in fiber. It is good to have vegetable salads every day. Include more fresh fruits in your diet. Eat fruits if watery milk is high. Constipation is reduced by consuming more sprouted seeds. Include whole grains and pulses in your diet.
Take milk and ghee..


If you include good fats like ghee in your diet, the problem of constipation will go away. A glass of milk mixed with half a teaspoon of ghee before going to bed at night is good.

Dried ginger

Ginger means dried ginger. Garlic acts as a remedy for constipation. Drinking a glass of warm water with a spoonful of ginger powder every morning has many health benefits.
Note: We have provided these details according to health experts and studies. This article is for your information only. For any minor health related problem the best way is to consult the doctors. Can observe.

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