Chest pain covid: If these symptoms start appearing in the body, then understand Corona has directly attacked the lungs.

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Persistent cough

The corona virus called SARS-COV-2 first attacks a person’s lungs and windpipe. According to experts, it reaches the lungs of humans and generates new viruses. The person does not have much trouble in the early days, but after some time, the virus that accumulates on the lungs starts causing the air inside to go out and breathing. In addition, dry cough in the initial symptoms can also be a major symptom of Kovid. In addition to all this, if you have a persistent cough and you have to cough harder then a corona test becomes very important.

Shortness of breath

One of the biggest signs of corona virus symptoms after a dry cough is shortness of breath. Respiratory system works by sending air in our body without any obstruction. The coronavirus causes obstruction in the passage of air through the lungs, which makes it very difficult to breathe. The virus causes inflammation of the breathing cells present from the lungs to the throat.

If there is trouble in breathing, a person needs to take oxygen soon as air stops reaching his lungs naturally. Therefore, if you are also feeling such a problem in yourself, then corona virus test becomes very important.

Chest pain and stiffness problem

Along with breathing problems, a person infected with the corona virus also starts having chest pain and stiffness, and in such a situation, people have to put a lot of pressure in breathing or coughing. Lack of ventilation is also a problem of nervousness and people have to take long breaths. The spread of corona virus infection also causes white spots on the lungs, which is a serious sign.

Risk of second infection

The spread of Kovid infection also increases the risk of other viruses in the lungs. Corona-infected people also have an increased risk of diseases such as sepsis. This is more likely to happen when a virus infection spreads to human blood veins.

Sepsis is a serious disease that ends the relationship of one part of our body to another. A person suffering from this cannot carry out any work properly. If you too are unable to do the tasks of daily life properly or if you make repeated mistakes in doing one of the tasks, then it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Obstructing other parts of the body

The corona virus causes the most damage to the immune system of the person, in which case many organs of the person affected are badly affected. When the infection of Kovid 19 spreads in our body, the immune system present in the body insists to eliminate it and the risk of other infection increases on other organs of the body.

If you ignore the initial symptoms of a mild cold, cough, fever or shortness of breath, a super infection can occur in a few days and it increases the risk of death. Therefore, if anyone sees any of these symptoms, then they should seek medical advice.