celeb nutritionist suggests to eat arbi taro root in winters for these health benefits – Winter food

The real food of Indians is associated with vegetables and fruits. But there are many vegetables that people do not like to eat. One of them is Arabic. Arabic is also known as Tarot Root in the English language. Arbi can be used in many dishes. Not only taste, it is also considered a treasure trove of nutrients. Let us tell you that fiber, antioxidants, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E and resistant starch are present inside arbi.

You can see the benefits of arbi in blood sugar levels and in heart disease. Apart from this, dangerous diseases like cancer can also be avoided through Arabic. Also, the fiber present in it can also help you in losing weight and it also keeps your stomach full for a long time and you are saved from eating anything untimely. Munmun Ganeriwal, a well-known nutritionist and author, is seen throwing light on these many properties and benefits of arbi. He has told many benefits of Arabic on his social media post. Let us know about these benefits.

Nutritionist Munmun told the benefits of Arabic

what is written in the post

Let us tell you that the nutritionist Munmun told in his post that the discovery of old and seasonal food items makes him very excited. According to Munmun, she considers it most important to tell people about such priceless food items. Munmun further wrote that he is very happy to share one such valuable food item i.e. Arabic or Taro.

Learn about Arabic…

She further writes that this root is eaten all over India and Asia. It should not be confused with Suran and Yama. Let us tell you that Arabic is obtained from the leaves of Colocasia. Which has two types. In which the first is black in color and the second is green stem. Arbi is extremely tasty and is a very rare seasonal produce which is usually harvested during October to December.

Where is it consumed

This vegetable is famous in Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha and other northern and western states of India. According to Munmun, arbi is consumed more in the coastal areas. Like Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra etc. Arabic is known as tarot root fitters or maddi fodi in Konkani. Arbi is widely used in the western and northern regions, where it is used to make curries, fries and other types of vegetables.

Apart from this, a lot is eaten in Odisha too. This Arabic is known as Saru. A special dish is made in Odisha called Saru Besra. Apart from this, Arabic is also used in Dalma, another dish made in Odisha. Vegetables are cooked with lentils in this special dish. Apart from this, to make cypress chips, arbi is deep fried and red chilies and salt are added to it.

benefits of arabic

Munmun writes that fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin E are found inside arbi. Apart from controlling the blood sugar level, its benefits are also seen on the intestine and heart.

Control blood sugar level

There are many more special properties inside Arabic. Be aware that there are two types of carbs in it. Which work to control blood sugar level. Apart from this, it also has fiber and starch resistance properties that slow down the process of digestion and carb absorption. Because of this, sugar does not spike even after a meal.

Nutritionist Munmun has finally advised people to consume arbi during winters.


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