Can’t sleep and digestion is also bad… Are you suffering from chronic stress?

Can’t sleep and digestion is also bad… Are you suffering from chronic stress?

Chronic Stress: In this run-of-the-mill life, there are many things like office, home, career, promotion, love life, due to which stress is normal. In today’s era, every other person is going through stress. Mild stress happens to everyone, but many times mental and physical problems start arising due to stress, we know it as chronic stress. This is a kind of severe stress. This condition occurs when a person has been living under constant stress for a long time. If a person is under stress, hormones called adrenalyl and cortisol are released in his body, which increase the rate of breathing or heart in our body to reduce stress. Promotes…

Immune system is affected

Let us tell you that this stress can last for weeks, months and years. Its effect falls on different parts of the body. According to experts, when a person is going through stress, it directly affects their immune system. Due to chronic stress, a person becomes so weak that he becomes easily vulnerable to any infection or disease and it takes time for such people to recover from the disease.

< strong>Risk of serious diseases

Chronic stress makes a person sleepless. Many nights a person does not get sleep. Because of this, they start having more problems. Memory starts to weaken, due to this diabetes, heart disease, ulcer and many mental problems including anxiety and depression can also occur.

Feeling tired

Due to chronic stress People feel lack of energy all the time. Due to being under stress for a long time, a person feels tired, he does not feel excitement in doing any work. Performance goes down.

Digestive complaints

People suffering from chronic stress also suffer from digestive complaints. In fact, people who live under stress tend to overeat. Because of this, they have problems like constipation, loose motion, burning sensation in the stomach, bloating. Apart from this, many times it happens that the person becomes completely numb, the heartbeat becomes faster, the toilet is felt again and again, the throat starts drying. Yes, lack of self-confidence, feeling nauseous.

Help yourself like this

Take the help of exercise to relieve stress. Do meditation, talk about your stress with your friends and in your home. Stay away from alcohol, cigarette, caffeine addiction. If there is stress due to work, then take a few days off and spend time with the family. All this will prove beneficial in relieving you from stress.

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