Cancer has become an epidemic, not a disease… Expert answered every question you want to know

Cancer has become an epidemic, not a disease… Expert answered every question you want to know

World Cancer Day: In today’s time, cancer is no longer a disease, rather it has taken the form of an epidemic. Most of you would know that such a train runs in our country, which is known as cancer train. Because most of the passengers are cancer patients and their relatives accompanying them for their treatment. February 4 is celebrated as World Cancer Day, on this occasion, here we have brought you answers to all the questions related to cancer, which every common man wants to know. We have spoken about this to Dr. Sajjan Rajpurohit, Director, Cancer Department, BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital… 

1. What is cancer and why does it happen?

There are two such changes in the cells present in the body, which should not come, then cancer is formed in the body. The first is the uncontrolled growth of any cell and the second is. Taking too much growth of the cell of one organ, spreading from its place to another organ. Cancer occurs in both these conditions. 

2. How many types of cancer are there?

Not two or ten but there can be 250 types of cancer in human body. But on the basis of category, these 250 cancers can be divided into three parts.

  •  Cancers that form from the skin lining are called carcinomas.
  • Sarcomas of muscles and bones
  • Third are cancers of the blood, which are called lymphoma, leukemia and myeloma. goes. Apart from these, brain tumor and melanoma fall into separate categories.

3. Are the symptoms of each cancer the same?

No, the symptoms of each cancer are different. But in most of the cases it is difficult to know on the basis of symptoms only whether these are symptoms of cancer or it is happening due to some common disease. Because symptoms of many diseases like TB, pneumonia, indigestion and piles are also seen in cancer. However, there are some specific symptoms, on the basis of which it can be inferred to an extent that it is cancer, such as continuous loss of weight of the person and continuous  fever intermittently. These include the specific symptoms of the blood cancer lymphoma.

4. Upto which stage cancer is curable?

In today’s time cancer has become curable from stage one to stage fourth but it depends on the type of cancer. Because in every cancer, the curability of cancer is different at different stages. For example, tumor, lymphoma, meloma, these cancers can be cured even on stage four, but in these also many things like patient’s condition and genetics matter. While some cancers are such that it is not possible to cure even at stage 3, such as pancreatic cancer.

5. Do some particular cancers have a patient’s survival chances?

Some advanced cancers are also now becoming curable in the fourth stage because the treatment techniques have improved, as well as some advanced and targeted therapies have come, through which the life of the patient can be extended. Due to this, the life of the patient increases by 5 to 10 years even inside the fourth stage. 

6. According to media reports, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt had fourth stage lung cancer and now he is fit and doing films. ?

According to media reports, actor Sanjay Dutt has lung cancer and as we told earlier also that through targeted and advanced therapies many times patients can live a very good life even in fourth stage cancer. In this situation we consider the disease as functionally cured. 

7. What are the lifestyle and diet factors that can trigger cancer cells?

Lifestyle and diet play an important role in both preventing cancer and getting cancer. If you keep your diet and lifestyle right, then the chances of getting cancer are reduced to a great extent. While not doing so increases the chances of cancer. Nowadays, the lifestyle of most people has become very lazy, in which physical activities are very limited. Along with this, use of tobacco, alcohol and chronic drugs abuse, these are the reasons, due to which cancer cases have increased up to 10 times in the last few decades.

8. Which diet causes cancer?

Processed food, fast food, red meat are also not very good for health in many cases. Due to these, internal inflammation in the body increases. If they are consumed for a long time without paying attention to health, then they can cause cancer. For example, Gallbladder cancer, Stomach cancer, Pancreatic cancer and Colon cancer, all these are usually triggered due to wrong eating habits.

9. What measures can be adopted for the mental health of patients suffering from cancer, how can they be kept away from depression, anxiety and stress? How to keep them positive?

Mental health is very important for cancer patients. Generally, less work is done on this angle during treatment. But for our patients, we have set up a psycho-oncology department in the oncology department itself, where necessary support is given to cancer patients so that they can stay positive and get their treatment done. Counseling is done in the beginning and anti-depression and anti-anxiety medicines are also given if necessary.

10. There are many people who neither eat gutkha nor smoke cigarettes, yet they get cancer, what could be the reasons for this

Gutkha and cigarette are not the only reason for cancer, but they are one of the many reasons for cancer. These are the main reasons for oral cancer, lung cancer. People who consume them, the risk of getting such cancer increases manifold. While your question is that why do people who do not do this get cancer, then there are genetic reasons as well as reasons related to lifestyle, environment. Along with this, it is also necessary to understand that there can be 250 types of cancer, then people who do not eat gutka and tobacco are protected from cancer caused by them, but if they are exposed to other causes, due to which other types If people have cancer, they get this problem.

11. Most of the women do not have any bad habit like intoxication, yet breast cancer occurs, what is the way to avoid it?

To avoid breast cancer, it is also necessary to maintain lifestyle, diet, exercise and keep getting your health checkup done from time to time. Talking about addiction, we have discussed this reason in the first question that cancer can be caused due to many different reasons. Women who start their periods at an early age or have a family history of breast cancer are at a higher risk of developing this cancer.

12. Is there any cure for cancer apart from chemo and radio?

In addition to chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery in certain cases and stages, many latest treatments include targeted therapy, advanced therapy treatments, immunotherapy etc. But these are given keeping in mind the nature of cancer and the condition of the patient.

13. People who claim to cure cancer with one pill… how true is that?

This thing can be said to some extent because some types of cancer can be cured up to one stage through drugs in targeted therapy or oral targeted therapy. But it is not right to say that one pill will cure cancer. 

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