By eating only porridge and khichdi in dinner, this boy reduced his weight by 15 Kg, became thin and now the whole look has changed.

Weight gain gives rise to many health problems. Many times such diseases surround us, which we do not even realize. Something similar happened to Akash Bansal, 27, a resident of Gwalior, which he had not imagined. In February, he had an unbearable pain in his head. When I showed it to the doctor, he advised to lose weight, as well as to stop using the pillow. At that time his weight was 108 kg. Akash says that on the advice of the doctor, I decided to lose weight. Initially started walking for 1 km and then for 4 km. Now I do workouts of up to 11 kms a day with 6 kms running. I walk 18 thousand steps a day. Being active in this way in the daily routine, Akash reduced the weight of 15 kg in just 5 months. According to him, now he is feeling better than before and the confidence level has also increased. So let’s know what changes he made and what kind of challenges he faced in the journey of reducing 15 kg in such a short time. Name – Akash Bansal Age – 27 years City – Gwalior Highest recorded weight – 108 kg Weight reduced – Time taken to reduce 15 kg – 5 months(Image Credit: NBT)

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