Body transformation: in 3 months the stomach will be inside and body will become slim-trim, follow these special tips for body transformation

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Everyone wants to look better and for this it is necessary to have a slim-trim and muscular body. Actually it is not very difficult to get a beautiful and toned body. All that is needed is firm intentions, strong willpower and passion to achieve your goals.

Today we are going to tell you how this desire can be fulfilled and that too in just three months. So let’s know some such steps, which you will start seeing the results of the morning without any doubt.

Start reducing calories

First of all you need to reduce your calories. If you are updated with information related to nutrition, then you will know what calorie reduction really means. Our body needs calories to function. Also, in order to maintain our weight, we need to take ‘maintenance calories’.

To start the journey of reducing your weight loss or fat, all you have to do is eat the calories below your fixed maintenance calories. For example, if you need to reduce 2000 calories, then you need to eat about 1700 to 1800 calories per day. By which you can reduce your calories gradually by 1500. You can find the maintenance calories according to your weight, age on the calorie calculator by visiting the website. Our body needs up to 1500 or 500 calories daily under maintenance to function properly. You can track your calories by going to My Fitness Moment, Healthy Me, Apps.

Now it’s time to start the workout

Once you know the amount of your daily calorie intake, then it is time to start a workout or get involved in some other fitness activities. Choose some activities for yourself that make you feel very good. If gyming works to fill you with enthusiasm then do so, but if you like to play sports then enjoy it.

Burn calories with 10 thousand steps daily


Another important task to move forward on your weight loss journey is to walk about 10,000 steps daily. It is a very simple exercise and will help you burn around 400-500 calories a day, which is around 2800-3500 calories in a week.

Adopt non-exercise activity thermogenesis

Another thing you can do is NEAT i.e. non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This means that instead of using the lift, you should do the work of going up and down the stairs, if you do not have to go very far, then walk on foot, do your own work like sweep and wipe in the house and use cycle to go. Do not sit too long with the phone and do some stretching during the day.

If you follow these easy steps regularly for 3 months, then you can definitely fulfill the dream of achieving a toned body by succeeding in losing weight.