body massage can help you in weight loss try these massages to get rid of excess fat – Massage to lose weight: no dieting no exercise will get benefit

In today’s hectic life, it becomes very difficult to find only two moments of peace. In such a situation, if you get to go to the spa for a massage after taking a vacation, then perhaps there cannot be a better feeling than this, in such a situation, if this massage also works for weight loss, then what can be said.

If you sweat for hours in the gym or other physical activity and do everything possible to lose weight or want to motivate yourself to stick to exercise and diet, you can still resort to massage. Today we will tell you about three such massages which will not only help you in weight loss but will also motivate you for a right diet and exercise. Let’s know about these three massages.

Role of massage in weight loss

Excess weight causes many problems not only physically but also mentally. In such a situation, there are many people who start starving for weight loss, which is not a right way. At the same time, it is difficult for some people to go to the gym to lose weight. But in such a situation, massage relaxes you. If you think that massage can be used to reduce stubborn belly fat, then tell that you are wrong.

Actually, through massage, you will be able to stay on exercise and diet. Let us tell you that through massage, endorphins are released in the body, due to which your mood is also good and you also feel relaxed. Apart from this, through massage, your muscles get relief and the stiffness of the body is also removed.

benefits of massage

Massaging the person relaxes for some time and he starts getting away from external stress. Let us have a look at the list of benefits of massaging.

  1. relaxes muscles
  2. Improves range of motion of the body
  3. relieves pain
  4. tones up muscles
  5. beneficial for couples
  6. Increases body flexibility
  7. reduces belly fat
  8. Heals soft tissue injuries
  9. improves mood
  10. sleep better
  11. get rid of anxiety
  12. controls blood pressure
  13. improves blood circulation
  14. beneficial for digestion
  15. constipation relief
  16. beneficial for skin

By pressing these 8 parts of the body, the fat melts like butter.

lymphatic drainage massage

Most of the people have no idea about this massage. But let us tell you that this massage strengthens from your immune system to blood circulation and nervous system. Apart from this, it is also considered effective in reducing weight and reducing excess fat from the stomach.

lymphatic massage method

  1. First of all keep the waist straight and stand straight.
  2. Now place both your hands towards the front of your stomach and keep your thumbs towards the waist.
  3. After this take a deep breath and place your fingers just below the ribs and near the solar plex area.
  4. Now bend your back a little and press this place.
  5. After this, hold it like this for some time and then straighten the waist.
  6. Now pay attention to your breath and while inhaling, straighten the waist and while exhaling press that point again.
  7. Keep repeating this massage for 15 minutes.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is becoming very popular in recent times. It is considered very effective for weight loss. But you cannot do this massage yourself. Rather, only a trained person can do it, you have to go to the spa to get this done. Apart from this, the flexibility of the body increases with Swedish massage, the stress Reduces pain, improves blood flow, helps reduce pain and also relieves pain from chronic injuries. Also, this massage provides mental benefits apart from physical form. The method of Swedish massage is such that through which even the smallest and deepest muscles of the body get relief.

deep tissue massage

This is a type of massage that very few people know about. But it can help you well in losing weight. Blood flow in the body is also improved through deep tissue massage. Along with this, through the right diet and exercise, it also proves to be effective in reducing weight.

Not only this, through deep tissue massage, body toxins also come out and it also improves your metabolic rate. Apart from this, it also works to break down fat. Along with this, the body gets energy through this. Due to which you can exercise etc. and also avoid getting fat.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.


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