Ayurvedic way to control weight, keep your bread core so big

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While eating food, the question often comes to the mind of the people that the bread core should be of the correct size. Because doctors often say that while eating food keep the size of bread crumbs small and chew a core at least 32 times and eat it. In such a situation, you must also want to know that just as the count of chewing the food is confirmed 32 times, is the correct size of the piece of bread also determined?

Remind you that Ayurveda is a natural science of science, as well as a method of living life properly. According to this method of medical treatment, you can use the thumb and thumb of your hand to measure the correct size of the piece you break for eating bread while eating. Yes, according to Ayurvedic doctors and health experts, the size of the core of your roti should be equal to the thumb of your hand.

It must be surprising …
You can be surprised to know such a small size of the bread core. But according to Ayurvedicists, the bread core should be very small while eating food. Also, for good digestion, this core should be chewed 32 times. By doing this, the juice of bread is made well in the mouth. After reaching the intestines, the body gets complete essence of bread and vegetable.

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These people get special benefit
By this, the body gets complete nutrition of food. The liver remains healthy and this well-fed food is completely absorbed in the intestines. This makes your health better. People who have bad stomach often and who have constipation problem, they get special benefit by chewing food in this way. Also, people who have indigestion problems, when they chew a core like this 32 times, they get rid of indigestion, gas and indigestion.


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Weight stays controlled
There is a direct relationship between your diet and your weight. If you are upset due to fast weight gain then you must adopt this way of eating. Because by chewing small core for long, your appetite is calmed in natural way. If you normally eat three rotis at a time, then during this meal you will eat one or one and a half rotis. But your body will get full nutrition of this food. That is, you will eat less food but your body will not get weakness and due to limited amount of food, there will be no accumulation of excess fat in your body, which will keep your weight under control.

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