Ayurveda remidies: Changeri is the Ayurvedic medicine for those problems from piles to women, do not ignore

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You may have heard of the name of Changeri or Indian Sorrel. It is a weed like grass. But the benefits you get from it are shocking. Its medicinal properties have also been accepted in Ayurveda. Hence it was given the status of Ayurvedic herb. Sour Changeri is rich in vitamin-C in taste. It is known by different names in different places. It is not one, but is helpful in curing many diseases. So let’s know about its health benefits.

Remove pimples and dark spots

Grind the changeri leaves and mix it with sandalwood paste. Apply this paste on the face like a facepack and wash it after 15 minutes. by this Pimples and dark spots Not only will the problem be solved, but the skin tone will also improve.

Effective in cough, sinus and migraine

Changeri is also effective in sinus problems including coughing. Grind its leaves and pour 4 to 6 drops of extracted juice in the nose, along with phlegm, sinus Rest in migraine is. In the headache, apply equal quantity of changeri juice in onion juice and apply it on the forehead and massage with a light hand. You will feel relieved in just a few minutes.

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Healthy for teeth and gums by removing bad breath

Brushing a little turmeric and rock salt in the paste of its leaves helps in making the teeth and gums healthy. Chew three to four leaves of changeri to remove pyorrhea and bad breath. The problem of stink will be overcome by doing this daily. If you want, you can buy its dried leaves from the market and mix it with paste everyday.

Treat piles

Changeri is very beneficial in diseases like bloody piles. Toast its leaves in ghee and mix it with curd and take. Piles’ problem will be greatly relieved. If you want, you can also grind the fresh leaves of Changeri and eat fresh leaf powder in the morning and evening, if fresh leaves are not mixed.

Digestion will be better with increasing appetite

If you have any problem related to digestion such as loss of appetite, illness or constipation after a long illness, Changeri can give you a lot of rest. The sour sauce of Changeri increases appetite. In case of digestion and stomach pain, drink two teaspoons of Changeri mixed with a pinch of asafoetida. This will improve digestion and relieve stomach pain.

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Get rid of leucorrhea disease

Leukorrhea (leucorrhoea) or white discharge in women causes the bones to become weak. Those women who have this problem, grind the leaves of changeri and extract its juice. Taking a little sugar mixed with this juice relieves the pain caused by leucorrhea.

Sickness from body warts

Many people have warts on their bodies and often come with increasing age. To get rid of them Changeri is a better option. Grind the changeri leaves and make a paste. If desired, ghee can also be added to the paste. Apply this paste on the warts. Continue to do this until the warts fall on their own.

Helpful in strengthening the liver

if you Strengthen weak liver If you want to, then chew the changeri leaves daily. Daily intake of its leaves makes the liver work better by detoxifying. If you do not want to bring changeri juice or juice from the market, you can make it at home.

Keep in mind-
This information has been reported according to Ayurveda experts, but results may vary due to body effect, age or severity of illness, so consult a certified Ayurvedic physician or expert before use.