Avoid Sugar: Knowing that white poison dissolves in tea? Now use this thing regularly, it will add to the age and many years

Sugar can be considered as the enemy of our body from the point of view of health. Weight gain, diabetes and do not know which diseases can come in our body due to sugar. Even knowing the ill effects of sugar, we use sugar every day. The use of sugar increases even more during festivals and during times of stress. Like an addiction, sugar has started dominating all of us. Due to all these side effects, many people have started using the natural sweetener stevia. But is it completely safe to use stevia instead of sugar? Let’s know.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) The consumption of sugar should be less than 5% of the calorie count of each day. But due to high calories in sugar, the use of stevia has started increasing. And if we talk about this natural sweetener, then it is sweet as well as safe. Stevia also has the ability to lower triglycerides and increase good cholesterol HDL. as well as this Control blood sugar level too keeps in

How is Stevia considered better than sugar?

Stevia is a natural herb that tastes 100 times sweeter than sugar. But if we talk about calories, then this herb is listed in zero calories.

Let us look at some special properties of Stevia from the point of view of health.

  1. Keeping blood sugar level under control.
  1. Preventing tooth decay or cavities.
  2. keeping weight under control
  3. Reducing the risk of metabolic disorders.
  4. Improving heart health.

It can be said that using stevia instead of sugar can be a right decision. Stevia can sweeten our tongue just like sugar without harming our body.