Allergy Symptoms: There is a risk of allergy even in summer… Follow these 5 tips for prevention

Allergy Symptoms: There is a risk of allergy even in summer… Follow these 5 tips for prevention

Allergy Symptoms in Summer: Winters are almost over. Gradually the heat is increasing in the weather. However, there is still a feeling of cold when the fan is turned on at night. There is no heat like cooler and AC. If you sleep in cooler or AC now, you can get sick. Lungs are usually affected in winter and cough, cold are seen in people. But it is not that cold, cold, cough are only in winter. This problem can also be seen in summer. But in summer, cough and cold are usually caused by allergies. Apart from this, there are other types of allergies as well. There should be information about all these allergies. Also, what steps should be taken for rescue. This should also be known. 

1. If cough, cold is an allergy then do this

In summer also many Sometimes such elements come in contact, due to which there is a risk of allergy. The nervous system starts producing anti-allergic antibodies. These are called Immunoglobins in medical language. They are present on the eyes, nose, lungs and skin. If any person comes in contact with them, as soon as histamine is released, they start having problems of cough and cold. In such a situation, it must be known that to whom the body is considering allergy. Stay away from him. Antihistamines can be taken on doctor’s advice. 

2. Red rashes can occur on the skin

summer I get to see the problem of sunburn. This is also a form of allergy. In this, there are problems like red, black rashes or sunburn on the skin. Due to this the skin starts getting very bad. Avoid going in direct sunlight for protection. Apply sunburn on the skin. Consult a doctor if the skin becomes worse. 

3. What to do if you have cirrhosis

Apart from sunlight, this skin disease also occurs in summer. In this, due to sweating in summer, stickiness, rashes start appearing on the skin. Skin cirrhosis occurs when this problem occurs again and again. It is a serious skin disease. For protection, pat the skin with a clean cloth. Use skin allergy cream. Apply powder. See the doctor if the problem is more. 

4. Take care of fungal infection

Fungus occurs when it is too hot. goes. The problem of bacteria also arises. This leads to ringworm, athlete’s foot and nail infections. If this type of problem is happening in summer, then it should be washed with Dettol or other similar ointment. If you have dry skin, keep the skin moisturized. This reduces the chances of infection. 

5. Allergies in the feet

Allergies in the feet in summer It is a common problem to have. Actually, sweating in the feet in summer causes allergies. Often, due to synthetic clothes, there are different types of wounds in the feet. Wear hosiery cloth to avoid this. Loose shoes should be worn and cotton socks should be used. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, consult a doctor or concerned expert. Do seek advice.

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